Sunday, September 10, 2017


I just returned home yesterday from spending a week in Victoria, British Columbia. Apart from doing the usual things, the back to school shopping, having tea, and going whale watching...I spent much time in thought.

My son needs this trip. And I noticed his behaviors--watching episode after episode of Friends, or throwing stones into the water to skip them (for long periods of time), or wanting to play catch as his 'things he enjoys' were almost distractions to self-soothe himself. School is daunting, it's very academic, and on some level he doesn't want to be taking on all that structure. He's very much about having fun.

I noticed he couldn't even speak to Chief.

And for me Ross was almost silent.

Something wasn't right in the area.

And it wasn't.

Victoria is a place on earth where not one but two ley lines converge. It's highly spiritual although as a tourist you wouldn't think it.

When we landed, the place was all yellow with dead grass. What we had liked on our first visit was the green--everywhere--fresh air, trees. But the drought had taken it's toll.

Then there were days when the smoke from the local wildfires in the Pacific Northwest not only blocked out the sun, but made us cut back on our activities out of concern for the poor air quality and the health risks.

There was a heaviness to the place, so very dark, almost as if I had never been there for all the years I've been doing my spiritual work.

On the other hand, the PEOPLE we had invested our time with, welcomed us with open arms and genuine happiness. We were even given a box of Purdy's candy, a local Canadian treat.  So we have had some effect.

When I awoke the first morning, Ross presented me with a puzzle. There was a Star of David, that had three stripes of metal creating it. However, the triangles overlapped in such a way that they seemed woven together. You could see the pieces dipping and going over each other.

He asked me to take them apart, into two main triangles of three stripes each.

It wasn't easy. Only I could do it. (I have memories of Solomon, not sure why, but it goes back to that incarnation). I slid it in such a way it was almost like magic rings for a magician, or those twisted wire puzzles.

I felt very strange energy coming out of them.

I want to clarify:

This is the much beloved symbol and it means everything to certain people, and it still works.

It is only the occult one used by followers of the occult--particularly those with the service to self paradigm (Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart)--which has been deactivated.

I also on the last day, pulled something up from deep in the inner harbor (runway 1, not sure what)...and I learned something.

I had written about the heartbroken, singing, impaired-by-chemicals woman on the sacred rock who was defiling it.

I learned how, if someone, even if it's just one person, treats something as sacred, it IS and will remain so.

We had done some work at the Hatley mansion, and the Fisgard Lighthouse. Now it was the last night. We were by the water. I had taken off my shoes and sat on a rock with my feet in the water, to ground myself and connect to the very weak life forces there.

It worked. And Chief had told me to get Anthony to that beach which I had done. Anthony noticed me and asked me to let him sit on the rock and have his feet in the water. Then he was able to get the distractions out of his head, and talk to Chief.

It helped and the old Anthony was back.

While he was sitting, I was on a different rock past the lines where high tide had left things. I noticed a jellyfish in the seaweed and kelp. But as I scratched my mosquito bites, I noticed they bled.

I left some of mine on the rock, because I didn't have anything else to give it.

Then it was like a miracle. In the kelp and seaweed I had looked at many times I noticed there had been a sea urchin which had died. The skeleton was half exposed. It stunk like anything! I picked off the remaining quills. This was a very large urchin, and the skeleton alone filled my hand completely, like an orb.

It was a gift to me from the sea. And I brought it home safely. It is in the sun to dry.

One other 'work' I did, was that there was a fifteen gun salute to commemorate the start of Parliament. (there's a new government, they have four parties and a new one was voted in). The guns were set up by our hotel.

I don't understand all, but I know the Royalty have a twenty-one gun salute. To announce they are there.

That's enough for me to know something is up, and perhaps, it's not right. So I sent Reiki to neutralize it and 'hijack' their 'ceremony' immediately prior. I connected it up to Ross and his teams for them to do what is best, and for the highest good.

That's when the energies lifted. Also some close friends who had sensations of jaw pain/tightness for days experienced relief from the discomfort too.

One last thing, the week before I left, when Ross and I would send the healing, we sent like hundreds of tiny fish hooks out. These have intelligence. They are seeking out blockages in perception for the people we heal, and are removing them. This will result in greater clarity of purpose, and in connection to Creator of All That Is.

The last odd thing, was this morning as I was being woken up, I had a conversation with Stevie Wonder. He had a folded up elastic like a thera-band at the gym. It was pink, like a rubber ball. And written on it were secrets about Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. He knew things but was afraid to tell. Gary Coleman was there too in the dream. He also knew things.

I searched Stevie Wonder on YouTube. All I could find were songs, and interviews, with some of the highest ranking celebrities (who are deeply involved in Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart).  But I found this:

And I found this:

The summary of my reflection and work in Victoria, is that there is an invisible world out there, which is real.

And there are some-- Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--who exploit it, both with advanced technology, and the ancient occult practices--and deny its very presence to us.

This invisible 'whatever' is so accurate that when the author Melchizidek was researching and struggling on how to 'square the circle' that a mason knocked on his door, at random, said his teacher sent him to show him how it's done, and showed Melchizidek just one time, spending as long as needed for him to understand the concepts.

Melchizidek hadn't said a word to anyone. He was just some 'hippie' guy who had been figuring things out on his own. He wrote a two-part book on sacred geometry. It's available in paperback. That's how I heard the story.

How could anyone KNOW what Melchizidek was trying to do by squaring the circle?

It was unseen, spirit....

My conclusion is that the defeated ones are forced to this choice:  accept the healing or merge with The Galactic Central Sun.

On the other hand, their counterparts who are not incarnate, are reading the riot act to the Galactics--about their guidance/interventions to the Ground Crew--and using the Free Will 'loopholes' to stop the inevitable.

They are also doing everything possible to 'awaken' the dormant things they have 'implanted/seeded' into the majority of the people who are asleep. You know, through the subliminal messages, programming, and advanced psychological 'stuff' they hide in the mainstream media.

That's why there is natural disaster after natural disaster, panic, fear. This energy supports their 'dormant stuff' and acts as 'fertilizer'.

It's not going to work.

There is Victory to Creator of All That Is.

Gaia is free--both for herself and her people.

It's just a lot of loose ends to wrap up.

If the good people can connect to Source at least once a day, and to hold firmly in their hearts and minds images of Divine Wonder, Nature's Beauty, and Everlasting Peace and will help to slow down the efforts of the ones who will benefit from the energy of chaos.

And hopefully the loose ends will wrap up sooner...and we may as a collective go on to the next thing.

This Article  I saw when I first woke up and to me it is secondary confirmation.

This Other Article  helps to show that people DO care, they just show it differently. After being unconditional love to everyone I meet for so many years, I was growing weary. I can't SEE the results when I look at the general population of Gaia. I can only trust in the guided messages that say we are making a difference.  We ARE making a difference. Some cold, reserved Canadians really opened their hearts to Anthony and me. It was consistency and persistence. And people online are really opening their hearts through our work too, Ross and me.

I also got a question, 'how come we never see Ross' smile?'

That hurts. I wish I could explain more, and for those who are faithful readers of the blog, you will immediately understand why there are no pictures of him.

His face is recognizable. He is widely known.

And he's not in this realm.

There is no camera that can take his photo, although, I've come across ONE some psychic person says is him, and I've kept a laminated version of it with me on the pillow next to mine for some time now.


This is Carla's Heaven on Earth. The arch with the roses at the Butchart Garden. And as a photo of me, this image of the Ross Fountain is going to have to do.

I promised you a message from me in our last blog post.

Carla has been looking for it too.

She needs my advice, now more than ever, as there in an invisible world she can't see, but she partakes in, and she doesn't have the training to help her understand what she does when she is asked to do it--because of the veil. Her soul dearly knows and understands, but it translates to her heart as her ability to hear us, and her trust in us from having worked together over the years--to go ahead and do what she does when she is 'out in the world'.

On the flight Carla didn't want to watch a movie, so Carla and went and looked to all of my messages from me she keeps on her phone. She used to get them, mistakenly, from 'Ito' which was just me as a test in disguise. There was a year of short 'I love you' messages, interspersed with those from Blessed Mother, such as, 'you will have great happiness and joy'.

In January of 2014 they switched to my own voice, and Carla has been hearing it ever since and recording it with faith and gentleness and love. Both for her..and now in this. It tapered down from the frequency in which I spoke directly to her in 2014. But her trust in me, and in her own Consciousness, has grown.

There was a message to her from Blessed Mother that 'your gaze will heal thousands at once'.

That was to you, Carla.

Only now you understand it. Like Braco, it is the higher vibration of the consciousness, the unconditional love, which is transmitted no only through the heart, but with the eyes, and in Carla's case, through the smile.

No one can understand it, but everyone can feel it, Carla. Isn't this the case?

C:  I suppose so, yes?

Tell them about the prayer.

C:  When I was just learning to speak to Blessed Mother I would pray and ask for people to see HER through me, for them not to see me at all, but to look past me and to see HER joy and peace and love and kindness. I don't know why I prayed this but it felt important at the time, to help her BE present here with us on Earth.

What about me?

C:  I am your Twin.


C:  We have the same energy. Only I forget so much. And your love is with me always, even when I can't sense it. Yours and my other guides/husbands, Michael, Raphael, Merlin, and Raziel. Their love is with me too. As in loving support.

And it just oozes out of you?

C:  I don't know! I guess, although I can't tell.  Can I ask you a question?


C:  Why is it when I try to do my own life, it blows up in my face--I guess because it's not in my life script or something--so now I don't even bother to try to do my own life, you know, make goals and plans. It's always for the thing I was sent for as Ground Crew. How do I find a balance in the amount of time I have left before we Ascend ascend--and go up--and this 'party' is 'over'?  I'd like to spend my time wisely and not squander it. (In other words, I thought I would be Home in 2012, and I'm still here, incarnate, in 2017).

There, there, there, Carla. You are asking a question all of us up here hear a lot! 'What do I do? Do I live my life? Do I sell everything and donate it? How do I make the most of my time here while I am true to my assignment?"

That is why I comfort you every day you are in meditation with me.

We are in the thick of it and everything is not written in stone. It's because of all those folks in the middle, the ones who really don't want to awaken but are doing so in spite of this.

And your feeling, your hunch, is true, in that all of this will come to a head once the vibrations reach a certain threshold and all the smoke and mirrors doesn't work any more by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. No matter how many they silence/kill...there will come a point in time which is very close to where we are now, where they just aren't going to fool anybody. Not a soul!

(he taps his chest--ed) then you won't even need me to walk the streets for everyone to awaken.

Everything is going well! And it's time for Anthony to have his breakfast!

clap! clap!

That boy has been waiting patiently for forty five minutes just for me to speak/give my message to the world through Carla.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twin Couple