Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cat and Mouse

Ross is very, very quiet.

He knows the whole picture, there are reasons for what he does, and he takes his time in doing it.

Infinite patience is his.

And I am here.

I am here where I am, as the energies grow higher, to recover and refresh myself for another year. The sleep debt is real. The help offered to me is real. And the time spent with Anthony is precious and important.

Even though I don't hear Ross as well as usual, I know he is there. And I trust him and our teams to get us home.

I also want to thank all of the generous donors who have given support to this work. It means so much, and Ross and I want you to know every donation is crucial to our outreach with our healing work. <3  Especially in these times of change for us.

I have been spending the last few nights pretty much like this. There is a large balcony to our room, with patio furniture on it. Anthony is growing, and although we enjoy being on the harbor side, with the view, we need two beds now. He is taller than me.

So I sleep on the couch, being woken up by the seagulls, who are remarkably like roosters.

I am very comfortable, and more, my sense of adventure is alive and happy! Plus I get to be all snuggled in the many blankets.

Late last night, I was awoken to a woman with a broken heart, singing her lungs out. Most likely she was inebriated.

The only problem was she was on the sacred rock, nearby, and it's not sacred because it is large and beautiful....LOL.  It does things!

The dark ones were sneaking through her to get to disturb the status quo.

I got up, not sure exactly how, but I got up and contained her and isolated her 'magic' from her surroundings. My arms moved, she must have seen me, because I sent the message, 'I am a witch' with my thoughts as I moved my arms and pointed them at her.

She stopped.

As always, I felt the energies, and they were calm.

I had sent strong doses of loving energy and nurturing and warmth and love and compassion, as her song was really a cry for help.

To be careful, since it was colder too, I went inside.  I shared the bed with Anthony, just a little on my side, and next thing I know, he woke up with a terrible bout of reflux. He's never had it before. He wasn't sure if it was food poisoning or heartburn. A little water really burned, but it helped.

He is still resting.  Again, through his discomfort, I was sending lots of nurturing, warmth, love, compassion and Reiki.

When I wrote my last article, not much longer after it, one by Ko-Brah came out.

Here is the cat and mouse.

The forces unilaterally said, 'victory to the light'...

Now there's more 'complications'.


I just had an inkling of this.

Here's the scoop, what you need to know:

  • The surrounding vibrations keep on the rise. The Schumann resonance frequency is much higher and it keeps going up. This benefits us two fold--manifestation will happen faster and more accurately for everyone, and that which is hidden will come into view. Unseen things will make themselves more noticeable. (if you ave ever looked at the blades of a propeller or a fan, you will reach a point where they are visually indistinguishable--invisible--to the eye. The eye is fooled. Same with Reality. At some point, the things which are easy to see might not be, as they are vibrating at a much higher rate than perception allows.)
  • You who read these messages--our Ground Crew--have had the benefit of slowly building both your discernment and ability to edit out the negative thinking so much that it has become habit--and also have your individual assignments which are deep inside you. When it is your time you will be aware of tremendous energy to push you in that direction. It is almost relentless, you can't miss it. So, you will thrive in these higher vibrations--you have been preparing for them.  Others aren't. And as they misfire their 'loaded guns of manifestation'--thoughts become things very quickly in the Higher Realms, they are going to be startled. It will take time for them to come up to speed. And watching it can be a little disturbing.
  • This is where your role to ANCHOR and GROUND is essential. You might see what is happening. You might feel just as powerless to support them. But what you do is to dig deep, and hold your vibration to Gaia (grounding)...and let the other waves of energy wash over you. How you do this is imagine a perfect place you have been, the most beautiful! Give it a name. And mentally, you hold this picture. Your thoughts are things, too. And the more you anchor and ground, this picture in your mind will give you strength. Mine is the Rose Garden at the Butchart. When you don't know what to do, think of your place...and wait for the rest to settle out. <3

Ross selected this picture to let you know although the dynamic between the dark and light forces is happening, both the cats and the mice 'are not real'.

They are only illusions.

Both are distorted both by the tradition of cats being cat-like, and mice being mouse-like, over the years of the earth incarnate experience.

He says what I speak, the challenges, are but 'blips that will take only a short time to resolve'.

I do sense with his every word that everything is carefully monitored and controlled, and the situation will be not a long one, as he says, 'as long as everyone holds on and shares their Light to the best of their abilities to everyone they encounter'.

It's time to go, I sense he wants us to eat our breakfast soon. There is a lot of shopping for new school get done today for Anthony.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

He will give a message the next time, he promises.