Friday, July 1, 2011

Day One

I did it. I folllowed through in the morning with the Reiki I promised that mom.

Right there on postpartum in her private room, dad holding baby and watching. I opened her aura, measured her chakras, balanced them (she had very good energy in the first place, literally spinning like a helicopter the pendulum at each chakra. Once I did Reiki, she felt energy flow from my hands. I never touched her. She felt her uterine cramping pain 'just go away.'

She is a homeopathic nutritionist in training. She is going to give me information about probiotics in the mail.

I think we should see more of this in the future. Not just at the cancer patient bedside with non medical volunteer Reiki practitioners. More. Lots more. I felt that energy flow, lots of it, to her. And I also opened her indigo chakra extra. I help wake people up.

I am going to France for a few weeks. A bientot, cheers!


Reiki Doc