Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bonjour de France

I am writing to you from across the pond. I am in the city of light, Paris, and it is wonderful. My French could be better, but with practice I hope my fluency will return.

I want to share a sensitive's impression of the city. It is different for me now than when I was last here fourteen years ago.

The people have a different energy from the U.S. Just like their electricity is different. The focus is on being perceived by others, and in the hotel, of service. I can tell the shopkeepers who don't give a shit. I am with other French people on holiday, and the town is like Disneyland. Packed.

People don't smile in the street. Only a nun said bonjour back.

People don't like my being a single mother. There is a stigma. For all they know, I could be a widow from the war. But I feel it. I like shocking them when I tip. Nobody tips here...the VAT is included. No more than two euro. But I do. The tour guide took ten euros and said, the ride back from the boat is free. Just call me.

The war. I feel it. Everywhere. The negative imprint of sorrow from the Nazi invasion. It is pervasive, like the elephant in the room. And money is tight here too. Unemployment at ten percent.

Jet lag is real...it has totally got my son. Gotta wake him up! Lol

Take care and namaste,

Reiki Doc