Monday, July 18, 2011

Wherever you go...

I have arrived at the purpose of relaxation.

It is like going back on the ice after the Zamboni has gone over it.

On the way to work, I did the first Divine Peace Healings I had done in two weeks. It was like 4G Wifi!
Energy was clearer, smoother and much easier to work with.

I was conscious of my energy field today at work. I kept it for me, enjoying but limiting how much of me I exchanged in my conversations with others. I was missed. And very glad I sent out postcards. Everyone thanked me for them.

With patients, too. I did not do any Reiki. I will know when the time is right. Just now, I felt the urge to write. Much of what I disclose is through guidance with the other Realm.

BTW, someone just outed me at work today. The lady I sat next to at Circle in June, works at the same hospital. She told another, who is also my Facebook Friend.

One day this is gonna come out. Until then, let's just keep this under wraps. ; )

Love to you, and light.
Keep your auric field safe and warm for you always.

Going to go pick up my kid. I miss him. It is our first day back to work. We are still on
European time.


Reiki Doc