Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Growing with Spirit

When I was a small girl, I knew things in advance that would happen. I could not explain why. I just did.

Once I predicted what horse to play on a video racing game at Laughlin, Nevada, for my father. It won. I have never seen him so happy.

My growth in spirit advanced from bonding with nature, love of caring for animals, non-denominational Christian fellowship, Catholicism (my family is Catholic) mystical side of the faith. The miracles at Lourdes, Fatima, and Medjugorge fascinated me. I was drawn to learning more and more about them.

As I grew, I felt a tremendous responsibility to nurture my gift. I read, I took classes, and went to activities such as circle. I did Reiki on my son, and my patients.

Reiki is a partnership with Spirit.

In taking my break, I learned to listen to my aura, to defend it. It was my heart that had kept me going, going, going.

In Business 101 it was shown there is a balance between energy, resources, and time.

Vacation put me in balance. And now at work, I am actively maintaining it. I met up with more very messed up people. One cried on emergence from anesthesia and has a fear of perioperative awareness (her family has 'high tolerance'), another was very very big for her height. The last was high. With high blood pressure, chronic pain.

All of them I loved and cared for tenderly, knowing that Spirit would send healing through me without having to direct it with actual Reiki treatment. I chose to work on the tasks at hand for the anesthetic, and not to stress.

The recovery room nurses got back to me on the patients. Three out of four said to say, 'thank you' to me before they left. The last, the sickest, was still on the table when my colleague took care of him so I could go home.

Having just returned from vacation, I am listening to my needs. I am taking care of first things first--making sure we have clean clothes, food, paying the bills--not all at once. As best as I can squeeze it in.

There is healing to be done. As my body adjusts to the new time (Paris is nine hours ahead), and as my son adjusts, I am gentle to our needs, allowing it to take precedence in our plans. Plus, I have laryngitis. There is a daunting work schedule ahead of me--many OB calls in a row. There is conservation of strength.

Before, I was so excited about working with Spirit that I gave it precedence first. I would have pushed and gone to circle last night before. Now I excused myself to recover my strength so I may heal others best in the long run.

I take care of me. Sometimes workers in the Spirit forget about that.  I know I did.


Reiki Doc