Friday, August 5, 2011

Case Report 2: In the GI lab and Case Report 3: MRI

Today I worked in the Gastroenterology Suite and in Radiology. These are remote locations. Anesthetizing is more complex because I do not have the option for true general anesthesia. I have to keep the patient breathing on their own, no matter what the procedure entails. Both of these cases I present because of the effect Reiki had on patient care--indirect. It was Reiki to the environment, the team, and the providers that enhanced patient outcome.

Case 2: GI Lab

Gastroenterologist was late. He was upset with his staff. The patient had not stopped her aspirin for seven days before her scheduled esophageal dilatation. This was to be the first in a series. He was flustered, angry and verbalizing this in front of the patient who was partially sedated in anticipation of his arrival to the gastroenterology suite.

I looked at him with mindfulness. No one got defensive, not the nurse, not the endoscopy technician. The patient lived in a board and care, and most likely the message got lost on their end. I stayed in my vibration of love and gratitude.

This patient was not an easy one. Technically, she had no chin, a pacemaker, and a very long list of problems that made anesthesia for this a 'challenge'. I always had done this with an intubated patient before at my prior work setting. I was homed in on the challenge and nothing could sway me from my duty on this case.

I also trust in spirit so much more after my 'short break' in Europe. It is not 50-50, it is like 80-20 with Spirit taking more of the work. I knew everything would happen for the best for this patient, even though there was this risk of bleeding and the dilation had to be delayed.

After finishing his rant, the Gastroenterologist caught himself. He stopped. He spoke about Emotional Intelligence, and how it is so much a part of patient care these days. It is what sets apart the best.

I smiled.

He thought about it and chose to take a look. This woman could not keep down solids and had lost 70 pounds without trying. What he thought was untreated GERD with the big scope turned out to be a sliding paraesophageal hiatal hernia when he changed to the pediatric scope and went past the stricture.

The woman needs surgery. No dilation. He put her on a high-calorie liquid diet.

I set the tone. Although the patient was a poor historian, she could notice the suffering, and she is on the right path to heal. I think Reiki played a part of this.

Case Report 3: MRI

This 83 year old woman was 'a piece of work'--in other words, a drug-seeking frequent flyer who drives the nurses nuts. RN gave report to me on my arrival, and asked, 'is there any way we can move up the case?'

I studied her laundry list, grounded myself, and came to her room. When I asked how she was, I was surprised she started with her problem from the right shoulder injections to the left shoulder not being the joint but degeneration in her neck. She was terribly anxious and would have benefitted from some anxiolytic right then and there.

With love in my heart, I listened. I assessed. I touched her arm and said everything is going to be okay.

She got more nervous. I laughed, inwardly, for being sent such a magnificent patient on a gorgeous Friday afternoon. I explained politely that I would love to treat her anxiety, but if I did, she would agree to anything and the consent would not be valid. I promised I would treat her claustrophobia as soon as she came to the MRI suite. I also made sure when her next pain meds were due.

Transport was delayed because 'she was in excruciating pain'. Once the RN, who is also a mother, promised her I would give her 'lots of medicines' at the end of the trip, she quickly agreed and asked for a wheelchair.

So her and her sleep apnea and list of problems made it to the MRI. With love and Reiki Master attitude,   I started with the case. Spirit told me what setting to put into the propofol pump. One hundred twenty micrograms per kilogram per minute. I have never used that setting in my life, and do no plan to (usually I would pick 125 or 150 or increments of 25). But it worked.

On the way back to recovery, the transport RN and MRI techs and transport tech remarked 'this was the smoothest MRI with sedation we have ever done. It was seamless.'

In the elevator, the RN commented again. I said my specialty was the 'fibromyalgia patient' (AKA 'piece of work' or PITA: pain-in-the-ass for you non-medical folk). She was stunned and blurted out,'you have a good soul!'.

I do.


Reiki Doc