Friday, August 19, 2011

Reiki Advanced Muses

Yesterday was quite different. I had two Reiki experiences that sound more like what would happen to someone else than me.

First patient was born on same day as my father, six years earlier, in same state in New England. She was going for cancer surgery, removal of primary plus mets to the liver. She was in her eighties.

While doing Reiki on her, she talked to me. Soul to soul, mind to mind. Like I do with my deceased patients. But this one was alive and had a mind that worked wonderfully.

She wanted to die. She had made a promise to take care of her husband. She had thought he would die first, long ago, but he hadn't. Cancer was a way to get out of her bargain. Indeed it was. Unresectable liver met.

I was surprised. I kept up with the Reiki, and  I attuned her to Reiki I. She woke up fine.

But the surgeon had shared what she told him--she had just gone home to say goodbye to all her family and friends a few weeks before discovering the tumor and having surgery.

The other learning was 'Reiki on the Go'. While walking back to my car in the Target parking lot, I saw a woman in her fifties with the unmistakable bandana on her head. Chemo. I felt compassion for the woman. Something told me to send Reiki to her as we walked. I did. Got the transition symbol in.

And the funniest thing? As I was 'blasting' away with pure love and Reiki healing, she turned around. And looked at me. I was in scrubs, for it was after work. But the wonderful Reiki energy made her look. Just like when you feel someone is looking at you. Neat.

Don't work too hard and have a nice day,

Reiki Doc