Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snake feeding and the Power of Intent

My boy has a snake. Cecil is a 8 month-old ball python. I like him. He makes a good pet. Except for one thing: he eats live rats.

Rats scream. I have done a great deal of acceptance with the fact that the 'Circle of Life' was created by our Creator for a reason. The snake has to eat. Rodents would overpopulate the earth. But I have trouble with the duality that for one to live another has to die.

We pray when we feed the snake. 'Dear Jesus, take care of this rat. Let it not suffer. And rat, please say hi to Jesus for us when you are in Heaven.'

My son, a six-year old, does Reiki on his snake. And I have done Reiki on the rat. But still, strike, coil, and scream. I couldn't look at it.

The last two times were different. I REALLY could not tolerate it any more. (Earlier, before, a rat went in that the snake did not eat. I kept it for a pet and named it 'Lucky'. I felt that if one lived it would justify the death of all the others.)

The next-to-last time, I prayed with my heart for this one not to suffer. It was a small grey one, just a bit older than a pup. It lay still. It didn't run, or hide. The snake did something different. Like in slow motion, it yawned near the head of the rat. Then it coiled and the rat didn't fight. There was no scream.

I thought about that rat a lot. How brave it was, how accepting of its fate. I have clocked the time it takes to loss of consciousness--it is less than thirty seconds.

I didn't think there was a pattern until the last. A small one that looked like Lucky. I gave it Reiki for a good long time. With the Transition Symbol. I gave Karuna, too. When I fed it, the snake did not strike at all. It lay next to the rat, gently coiled it, and squeezed. This one too, did not suffer.

When the intent is true, things happen. Even if it is just a small as my not wanting to watch this drama of life-and-death in my home. It works. Reiki happens. Try it. You'll like it. Reiki today : )))


Reiki Doc