Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Proof of One (Patient)

I quote from an email 'letter of gratitude' sent to the CEO and Chief Nursing Officer at the organization where I work:

"Last August 3, 2011, I had my first major surgery...I felt a bit anxious & nervous. "

"I am writing to share with you all how happy I am with my whole experience @ your hospital & with your staff. I would like to make special mention each staff (sic) & the difference they made:

To Dr. C my anesthesiologist who explained everything that she...was doing and informing me what the "normals" are to expect after surgery. This really helped me after surgery, because I understood what was happening."

"...Whan 1 of the nurses asked me if I was in pain? I happily told her I was never in pain since the one & only dose of morphine given to me since surgery. Maybe its still in effect when I was being discharged already. She then replied 'mmmmm...its because you had a good doctor'. I did."

" all have my deep gratitude for being very professional in what you do, efficient in how you did your job & compassionate to your patients. I THANK YOU ALL."


Patient M

So? What's going on here? Is it the robot (Da Vinci)? Is it the organization? Is it the Reiki?

Here's my thoughts:

This surgeon is very astute, calm, and grounded. He is like me in manner although we have not talked openly about it yet.  In response to her he said, "i am very proud of you...being a decent, kind and responsible citizens of this planet and appreciating all the goodness that she (the planet mother) can offer..." This is one very spiritually aware doc.

He sets the tone for the surgery.

Second, the health care setting has it's own culture. Like minded-individuals work here.
Third, Reiki is everywhere. I pray every day for the group at the hospital. Everyone. The prayer is for 'deep love and gratitude', a form of Divine Peace Healing. It is in the walls.

Last, the lack of pain medicine  is very Reiki. And the deep gratitude and responsiveness to compassion is very Karuna Reiki (R--trademark). Intra-op, this patient had a dose of Reiki, Deeksha, Karuna, balancing of her chakras, and possibly some DPH.

Whatever it is, this patient's experience is a model for what all surgical care can be. It is in the patient's best interest, and the hospital's to have everything 'go right the first time'.


Reiki Doc