Monday, August 22, 2011


One of the first things we do before start of surgery is placing a big blue sticky rectangle square on the patient. The grounding pad.

Electrocautery does not work unless there is a path for it to be a complete circuit. The bovie doesn't buzz and the surgeon will get angry and someone has to run and plug it in.

Whenever you do Spirit work, you ground yourself. To Earth. Imagine a tail pulling down deep to the very center of the Earth, and wrap it tight around it. Then imagine roots coming out of both of your feet, stretching down to the center of the Earth, and hanging on.

It is then that there is a complete circuit, and the Reiki Healing Energy can flow in.

Grounding is important. Drinking water, enjoying the out-of-doors and Nature. Being with loved ones. Touching a pet.

Whenever you feel out of sorts, stop and think, 'maybe I should ground myself?' Give it a try. It really works. When you are going through big changes, ground yourself as often as you need. Sometimes I just put myself in water--a tub, a pool, even my feet in a fountain. That helps ground you too.

Good luck and in deepest love for you my fellow healing human beings,

Reiki Doc