Friday, August 12, 2011

Reiki In the Neurosurgery Suite

Yesterday was a blur.

It started off at 6:30 a.m. putting a head frame on a patient in recovery room. This stereotactic device looks like a Christmas tree holder being applied to someone's head. The same screw knobs to tighten to hold something inside, but instead of flat metal discs, it had sharp points.

Then we go to the CT scanner. Again, under 'sedation'.

Then to the operating room. Head 180 degrees away, with sedation only until the burr hole (skull hole) is drilled. Then we 'wake up'. 

After careful positioning of the deep brain stimulator electrode, the neurology specialist 'quizzes' the patient to make surge the probe has not altered any other brain function. Open and close your hand. Count backwards from 100 by fives. Follow my finger with your eyes. Tell me the days of the week.

Once complete, sedation begins until the wound is closed and a new burr hole is on the other side. Repeat. And, after, sedate for CT scan trip.

This was the first time Spirit guided me to give Reiki to the whole room.

It was psychotic. A micro-managing neurosurgeon who is pleasant with a team that couldn't get the equipment right. I think he manifests small problems because he focuses on them. Even the scrub tech student dropped expensive little parts that were in the kit, and the surgeon had to make do. Until a serious part was missing. Then it cost $11,000 to open a new one. The rep had to run and get it from his car.

It was crazy. All of us hovering for four hours. Jumping at every patient whim. I drained pee from a bag with the nurse because the patient complained about how we took care of his need to pee the last time he complained. He complained about everything.

The whole time I was trying to feel it. Parkinson's. The energy profile, the behavioral patterns. I picked up that micromanaging or too much control of emotion can lead to it. And the predominating thought pattern shows up in the body, either as pill rolling tremor or rigidity.

The second patient had the worst restless legs syndrome I had ever seen. It was like restless body! It got worse with the sedation, so I gave less. It was a miracle they were able to do surgery at all. Good thing for head frames. She said it made her tired to do all that motion all the time.

I found the symbols for the head and the higher purpose to had somewhat calming effect. But not much. I had to cover her feet with a blanket to not have to watch. I really tucked them in every ten minutes as she worked and rubbed and kicked them off. 

Anyhow, although the day was suboptimal from a personal point of view (my work schedule and inability to do anything else during the case), I learned a lot.

And after picking up my son, a supplier came to the house he was at. A spiritual man. Upon seeing me he said, 'Wow! Look at your aura! It is white. You are an Earth Angel. You could power Los Angeles with an Aura like that!'

That being said, this Earth Angel has to go get ready for work. ; )


Reiki Doc