Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Patient

Dear Patient:

Your energetic imbalances lead you to surgery.

They are so out of whack and full of negative energies that suck the life out of you. My angels would not let me interact with you to heal your energetic body. Only to connect. It was an 'inside job' for them.

You absorb what you see. You weaken yourself with alcohol. I saw your liver, knotted and swollen, so big it wrapped around the gall bladder like a hot dog bun wraps a hot dog.

Only a very powerful surgeon could take t out without cutting you open or harming you. Only a very technically skilled patient could find an airway through all that obesity.

Your spirit was not clean. Your thoughts and mental patterns are you. Not the YOU that is a spark of God. But the You who gets to clothe it, make a mark in the world, and get It back.

I hope you start a new day, post-op day one, today, from surgery. Try to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions.


Reiki Doc