Sunday, May 20, 2012

Buddha's Epidural

The baby wasn't tolerating labor. The midwife had to come in. The patient wanted to 'go natural'.

Medical advice was to place an epidural to avoid cesarean section. I sat at the bedside, we had a nice chat, my patient and me.  She conceded, 'I want to do whatever is safe for baby.'

 I got a call half hour later to put the epidural in. There was a strange vibe in the room. I sensed it. Trouble. Energetically something is not favorable. The anxious patients are the worst because they are manifesting all KINDS of horrible complications with their flurry of horrible anxious thoughts. It is like trying to swim in river rapids upstream, energetically, when I come work with them.

The conflict is greater energetically, above and beyond the negativity of the anxious patient,  because negative energies (attachments. See Margaret Mc Cormick's work) do not like positive ones. Dark and Light repel.

As I progress towards ascension, it becomes increasingly more difficult for the procedure to have speed and ease of insertion when there are attachments present in the patient's aura. There are always speed bumps.

Think about it.  If you were a dark entity, attached to some lower chakra, imagine what a feast of energy it would be for you to have your host, a mother in childbirth, experience pain. You would have access to and incorporate high-grade pain and suffering into your energetic system. It would be so great to have such pure energy of the vibration you like best flowing into your energetic system. You are a parasite, with no energy source of your own, and you attach to a host when there is a breach in the aura of the host. You are happy there, and cause what pain you can to get by. But childbirth? That is like Thansgiving dinner on a plate with unlimited second servings! Would you want the anesthesiologist to make her comfortable? No way!

I have seen all kinds of things, from spinal headaches, to parasthesias, to catheters not going in, to the needle actually JUMPING out of position. I asked and was told by Margaret Mc Cormick it was the dark entities present in the patient that do this. So today, I was on the offensive. Even before sitting up, I started reiki. Turn on with CKR (mentally), scan, ground, SHK...sit up, position. And who was stuck in my patient's hair as I lifted it to put in the sterile bonnet for the procedure? In a silver throne with diamonds was a little jade buddha! I swear he winked at me! (Buddha ia one of my Karuna Reiki Guides).

I started with betadine prep swirls three times in CKR pattern (scrub nurses take heed!). And then it got tough. Hard technically, lots of complaining, and the usual Dark Entity crap. Totally blind insertion. But I didn't get upset. I never gave up hope. I didn't freak out over running out of local for skin, or fluid for the loss of resistance glass syringe. I calmly used air, something I hadn't done in two years! Eventually it worked. I had the strong support of an awakened RN nurse L, and together we got past the patient, the anatomy fraught with technical difficulty, and the family who watched the whole thing. I felt like I was in the hands of Source, being given a lesson on trust and faith, asking for help from Spirit like crazy through the whole episode! And with patience, Spirit guided me, through this lesson of trust and having faith.

Furthermore, this faith was transferred to the patient, with the eventual cesarean section that followed. The patient was calm, happy, and not manifesting nightmarish complications. Her negative entities, or dark entites (Only Margaret could know for sure for each patient) were quiet for the time being. Frankly, I think they were looking forward to the incision healing and my medicine wearing off down the road. This is a significant step in the care of a patient who could have been fearful and anxious the whole time. It was Reiki and the application of energetic skills that helped her to come to grips with the situation at hand in a mature, balanced way that was brought out the best in her for herself and for her infant.

 Namaste, Reiki Doc