Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The War You Can't See

America has been deeply involved with warlike activities for more than a decade. Attention has been drawn to this, attention from all over the world. But right there, under the radar, undetected, has been a war of spirit, a war of Light,

There is a reason behind the enormous popularity of Star Wars films...the group that is aligned with the Force is oppressed by those who would use the force of evil at will. Slowly, without the evil Empire being aware of it, a resistance grows. They engage in battle. And ultimately, after setbacks, the good guys win! The support of The Star Wars series is reflected in a very similar war that is happening today: the battle between the Dark Forces in control of the world as we know it, and of Heaven-backed warriors of the Light. It is going on behind the scenes, you can't see it yet, but can feel it in your bones.

Who are the Evil Dark ones? The Illuminati, the Kabal,  and the covert ringleaders behind these organizations, the Reptilians. For over thirteen millennia, the Reptilians have exerted their free will towards the acquiring of gold and money with no concern for its impact upon others. Their minions have agreed to the plan in exchange for riches. They carry out the will of the Reptilian hierarch and look the other way when the Reptilians seek humans for scientific study or for food supply. Together the minions at the behest of the commanding Reptilian forces control the news, weather, sports, military, industry, entertainment, and drugs to name a few. They are the racket that makes the mafia look like amateurs! This is also why they are under the radar of the media which is under their direct control. As their command base was destroyed March 9, 2012, and some media sources are becoming free, you will find out more about them in the coming days and weeks.

You must have caution: the Dark Ones won't go down without a fight. Anything that makes you afraid is probably them. The news is going to be trying to yank your chain. Stop, think, and don't buy into it.

You know what I see? Information and disinformation side by side. It's like a salad bar. Do you take the greasy macaroni salad and iceberg lettuce? Or do you take the organic spring mix with tofu and kale? It's up to you, you have free will, right? Technically, we have a choice. But the Empire has scientifically learned so much about us, our biology, psychology, and the like, they can make us do what they want without our knowing it. It's time to wake up! I'll share what's on my salad 'plate':
1) step down of warren buffets son
2) Rupert Murdoch and son being voted out
3) big Chicago News bought out by another one that owns local paper
4) North Korean Missle Test failure (extraterrestrials!)
5) Trinity Broadcasting Network financial funkiness exposed by granddaughter
6) stealth jet not functioning, lack of oxygen in flight, pilot refusal to fly it. (extraterrestrial!)
7) strange noises over Chicago on YouTube (brilliant! Hear an ET before you see one! Very smart)
8) Lakers lose to Oklahoma Thunder, again! (just kidding--basketball joke!)
9) Anderson Cooper AC360 expose the Quadriga group, an aggressive fundraiser which operated just inside the law, that raised $56 million for DVNF, the Disabled Veterans National Foundation. That group has only given in kind to vets, no money, including large shipment of coconut m&m's candy...

 I see my brothers and sisters in the light who have worked steadily behind the scenes, gaining awareness in the media. I see subtle signs pointing toward a great future. The jig is up. Time to step aside, there is a whole new cowboy in town! it is exciting and wonderful.

How does this raise in vibration in preparation for ascension affect medicine in my practice of anesthesia? It's making it harder. In the past, the dark entities into some patients made the anesthesia hard, but doable. It's even more of a challenge now. I see and sense the dark and negative entities present, and they make a good fight to my getting the patient their care. I.v.'s miss, or blow. Equipment fails. Communication gets misinterpreted...the like. Today I hit a breakthrough. I saw the challenge like we challenge ourselves in teams and in sports. The conflict makes you better. Stronger. That is what the third dimension did for us. Don't get all angry over the Illuminati when they get arrested! You may have been a bad guy in another life once too. Forgive. Forgive quickly and let it go. There are proper courts to handle it. Enjoy your new freedom. Remember, that Illuminati being carted off could have been you. But it wasn't. The Light has opportunity! Like you can't imagine!

Selmat Gagen, Selmat Ja! (Sirian for  be in joy)

 Namaste, Reiki Doc