Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Difficult Patient

Reiki is unique in that it heals without taking out energy from the healer. It 'flows through'. That being said, not all patients are equal. Some require more handling, some less. And how they act with you on the surface may have no bearing on the state of their energetic system. There is personality, consciousness, physical state, and transference from the patient to the healer to address. Here is what I do to keep me at the top of my game in the healing arts.

It all starts with you. Are you a healer? Do you have a calling? Do you take care of hurt animals and plants and get them better? Do people come to you with their problems out of respect for your success with managing their problems in the past? Are you one of those people who, like it or not, are drawn to the healing professions so much that you likely wouldn't be happy doing anything else, like sales or marketing? Some people are healers. It is their calling, and their interest and passion will lie in service to their fellow beings in this life. You don't have to be a 'healer' to do Reiki, but if you are, it really really helps you in your practice with the public when you interact with them.

What is inside of you? What are your predominant thoughts? Are they worldly? You will know. Daily meditative practice, be it Qi Gong, Yoga, Crossword puzzles, a sport that you do regularly, playing a musical instrument..anything to take your mind off the moment and allow you to 'connect' with your Higher Power/Source/God/ Spirit will give you a foundation for healing that will stabilize you in your interactions with others. Practice such as this will allow you to process your interactions and release any issues that may have come up with earlier days at work for you. You don't want to carry those around to the next day.

Are you present? Did you brush your hair and teeth? Did you take a shower? Did you get a good nights' sleep? Do you smoke? Patients are going to smell it on you. It is not so much what kind of image you project, rather it is your level of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical comfort at work. If your shoes hurt and your clothing is tight and you are thinking about when you can take your next break, it will affect you and the patient. When I was in residency, I was surprised at how often I was sicker than my patients! They do not know, or care, and take your time anyhow. The more you can buoy yourself up, and be in a good position to take care of others, the easier it will be on both the healer and the patient.

Do you smile? To a patient that means so much--an open heart and mind for healing. If your inner state is one of joy from living with Purpose of helping others, they will catch it. It is infectious, a light heart! The healing, apart from whatever your training and why the client comes to you, begins when your aura begins to interact with theirs.

Speaking of auras, there are some things you can do with yours to protect you:
1) shield yourself. This needs to happen two or three times a day. Your choices are (pick up to three)-
     a) white light
     b) pink light (love)
     c) green light (healing, love)
     d) violet light (very high energy)
     e) gold light (archangels)
     f) lead (nothing can pass through--might slow down your psychic ability a bit temporarily)
2) Remove your own attachments (negative entities and dark entities and implants. see for details)
3) have a golden mesh shield permanently installed in your aura to prevent future attachments

I had the work done with Margaret and it gives 'insurance' that my life energy is for me, not some energetic parasite. And that no matter what my patient gives, it is going to stay that way. I am safe, energetically.

Drop your baggage. Many times a patient/healer interaction is going to 'stir something up'. Work through your past, your life lessons, and try to come from a position where ego does not play a role in the healing process. It will be easier for everyone involved. Ego is counterproductive to the healing process.

Be yourself. Your feelings, your emotions, your insights are valuable to use in the healing process. Through practice, you will learn how to play them up in their best light with the person at hand. With smokers, for example, one doc at the VA used to play hardball with them when they would give a barrage of excuses, 'what!? do you think I am stupid (to believe all that)?'. It would disarm the patient, with military-style humor and truth, and the healing discussion could start after that. This method would fail miserably in a different context somewhere else.

Take small breaks. Everything you do to take care of yourself, be it a cracker and some juice in two minutes, will fortify you to perform in the healing environment. Lately I just like to get a little sun, maybe ten minutes. When colleagues see me I tell them 'I am making some vitamin D'. Sunlight really helps to clear out the energy I pick up when working with patients, especially on L&D.

Know that your time of service will end. Your shift is a finite number of hours. You will be home to rest and recharge. But in a greater sense, your time as a healer will end. Your will wind down your career, and likely become a patient yourself. Remember that it is not forever, and enjoy your chance to make a positive impact of others through their lives.

Have a sense of humor and reach out to other caregivers. The one that 'makes your head spin' when you interact with them is likely to have been a hurricane of emotional and energetic destruction to others in their path through the hospital. You are not imagining it. Get a reality check ASAP.

You are not going to heal them like the evangelical preacher that says 'put your hand on the TV and you will WALK again!'. It isn't instant in the medical field, or anywhere else for that matter. There are factors going into it, and the energetic imbalance that led to illness did not happen in one day. You are, however, in the position to have a positive effect on the overall balance between negative and positive in your patient's perception. Try to tip it, tip the balance just somewhat toward the Light. The effect may take days, weeks, or years for the fruit of your interaction to take place. Plant the seed and trust that everything is happening for the best. Know that your work is appreciated very much, on both sides of the veil, by your patients, and by the guides that watch over both of you.

Love is the Solution For Everything. You will live this. You will learn this. And you will grow to like it very much.


Reiki Doc