Monday, May 7, 2012

WiFi of the Heart Center

Have you ever sat at a grand piano? Did you look inside? If you did, did you notice the tiny strings for the high notes, and the great big wire thick ones for the low ones? Did you press the keys and hear the notes? Isn't it a wonder that one great big instrument can have such a range of sounds, and play music on it? Especially when the lid is open--the sound it amazing!

As an Intuitive-Medium, Intuitive-Medicine, Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, I have a range of vibration I can pick up, much like a radio dial. But unlike the radio, which gets pretty much the same type of programming audible on any station on the dial, I am like the piano, in the depth and breadth and range of vibration I can pick up.

What am I talking about? Let me give you an example. Today I had conversations with three very different people. I will not go into details that might give away their identity. Instead I will share my impressions, in the order that I was with them today.

The first was a man in his late forties, who was a professional. The business was his, and he had an office that was impressive. Original art, with autographs from the artist to the professional. One of my passions, the care of animals, was struck by the decor and the business. I had to wait a very long time to see this man. Long enough to start doing plies and releves and stretches during my wait. And then, BAM, into the door, and in ten seconds, I found a man behind a lot of expectations, who really truly had a love for animals, once. He was going through the routines. He was going through the business. Full protection was up. I felt like I was getting lip service. And I called him on it. I played the doctor card, slowly, first by asking if there was a chance of a particular infection of the bone going on in the wound on my pet. He startled. He dropped a defense. He backpedaled. And then we had a real conversation. I never could get a 'read' on him. But the impressions were worldly, likes finer things/wine/liquor/Vegas, and thinking about the end of his career. I shared how my dream to be a veterinarian was crushed because of my severe allergy to cats. He disclosed how he had developed an allergy to guinea pigs. 'Does your voice drop?' I asked. 'No, just I get all runny in the nose and eyes.' he said. 'My voice used to drop. And my eyes would swell. But now I get welts when I touch one. It's pretty bad. Don't let yourself get to this.' He gave me a container of Silvadene for free.

I met him on his turf and connected heart to heart. I dialed in on his 'station'. He was average average average. Let's call him 'Middle C'.

The second was a friend I was eager to spend time with. Our boys are on the same team. Her story of her psychic awakening, and buying so much information about a certain topic from Amazon and watching lots of YouTube videos got her husband to ask, 'Are you okay?'. (Wake ups like this are typical.) She is a reader now. And I asked, 'What is the most common thing people want to know when they book your services?'. She answered, 'Love, and then money/jobs'. She found that people who really want to grow tend to book longer sessions, and the ones that want to run the reading tend to take the twenty minute ones. We laughed how her son was asked in kindergarten how many things to we have in pairs? The teacher coached the children with 'two ears, two legs, two eyes...' and the son raised his hand and said, 'No, we have three. One is right here (pointing to the middle of the forehead)'. The teacher said he was wrong. But at home, my friend said, 'You know you are right, son, don't you?' and he said, 'Yes'.

For fun I asked if she wanted to figure out a team mom with me. We did. We shared our impressions and they overlapped. The time just flew by, and it was time to go. These were the high notes.

After the boys were done, mine wanted to play. That's when the subject of our 'project' started to open up to me. Being in her aura, I picked up so much more depth. This woman was a professional athlete, and had toured. If was like our impressions across the park were a skeleton, and the Universe was showing me this woman's story to flesh it out. And then I smelled alcohol on the breath of the partner, from four feet away. And I understood. My life twenty years ago was one of such pain and fear and sorrow. Confusion over survival. And fear of not being able to support myself. I went to a medical school that was far away, to get away from my spouse. For many years I was righteous, angry, and actively looking to heal in any way I could. And when I thought the coast was clear, ANOTHER horrible romance came my way. I could not dodge it. And then I let go.

Number three was one of the low notes. Survival-oriented, needing public assistance from a women's help center to get back on their feet/find their way. I could not communicate the wealth of my experience to this woman. She couldn't understand the nuances in my perspective, about custody, about divorce, about co-parenting a family. About Al Anon and its usefulness to those who have been affected by a friend or family that was a drinker. She was affected by the disease, too. And she needed to heal.

To me, it was like an eight-track tape, or a cassette. Her level of development was something I used to use a long time ago. And I saw clearly that her poor self-image was projecting itself out as a drunk partner. That she manifested her worst nightmare, and fought hard to divorce herself from all reminders of it. Like in Abraham-Hicks, until you VIBRATE at a certain frequency, you will not ATTRACT those things into your life. I had to heal my heart in order to expect and to look forward to a healthy relationship in life. But she couldn't see it. For she was at a different level of development, one that was right for her.

Did I give Reiki? Yes. Informal Reiki. Through intent. Through a daisy-chain connection of violet-white light from my heart to hers. And by asking Archangel Michael to step in, for I was not sure of what to do in this situation, exactly. I gave her course a hard jolt, added a 'twist' to it. One from a Higher Dimension, one of Source.

So what do Man 1, Friend 2, and Team Mom 3 have in common? The same thing as drunk husband or our kids--everyone on this planet has a Wonderful white/bright light about six inches diameter shining in through the crown of their head. It gets 'stuck' on the way in for some people though. Man 1 at Orange chakra development (no passion, no creativity), Friend 2 indigo (still not locked in to Higher Purpose, but close!), and Team Mom 3 yellow chakra and blue one too (power and not being able to speak up about it). Healing is the gradual clearing out of old blockages, from our mind our hearts our consciousness, all the way through the rainbow (7 chakras), to Earth. When we are Open, we can flow Heaven to the Earth. And ground it.


Reiki Doc