Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And the Beat Goes On

By upholding Reiki Principles you can change the world.

Really. Without being attuned, without ever having given or received a Reiki treatment. See those five 'Just for Today' steps over on the sidebar to the right? That's it.

How? You may ask? 

Simple. By following these guidelines, you will display mastery over your Vibration (your emotional-physical-mental state). Because what is inherent in the system that we call Life, our Vibrations interact. You know, the 'I got a bad vibe about...', the 'animals can smell fear' and 'I have a bad feeling about this...' That is intuition, which is basically, the reading of our extrasensory perception, and processing it in a way that we can understand. But not explain.

Remember, except for the ten-second 'read' we get when we interact for the first time in someone else's aura, we can't really know what is going on in the Vibrational plane. That is, unless we work with lots of people or are trained in Reiki or just intuitive in the first place.

Our Starseeds (people who have incarnated in this Earth to help 'awaken' others through the Ascension process) are all in line and ready to do their work. I am one of them. My work is to establish a New Normal once the chaos hits. I am going to need some help on this. That is why I am calling upon you.

Remember the example of the team mom with the alcoholic in her life, and her dilemma? How I couldn't communicate my 'lessons learned' from that  life lesson to her? Spiritual growth is not like being able to study from the copies of old tests your study 'big sibling' saved to hand down to you. It is learned by experience, and anything that is 'experiential' is hard to share from one person to the next. If you are reading this, you are 'open' enough to do the work along with me.

When changes happen, if and when they do, there are going to be massive arrests, takeover of the government and banking systems, and possibly global Earth changes like Earthquakes.

A significant sector of the population has been 'fed' misinformation, twisted information, that a New World Order is going to take place. Since everyone will be 'lawless', we will have to live by our bootstraps and guns to 'survive'.

This is hogwash. Bullshit. Tripe.

None of these Higher Intelligence Extraterrestrial Beings would put us in a Snake Pit. It would be disgusting, stupid, and a total waste of time.

Your role in this, is to stay calm. Keep your head. There may be blustering and gun-toting people out in the streets. You can't talk with them. You can't rationalize with them. But like a toddler holding a tantrum, or a hunger strike, you can be firm, compassionate, optimistic and hopeful all at the same time. Do not engage. Do not lower your Vibration. Do not get down to their level. Stay firm and bright on your Vibration. It will affect them, through the Vibrational Effect we have on others. Stay calm. They will come to their senses. It will take time. And it will allow the Extra Terrestrials to Establish Trust in those of us down here who do not understand them. They will educate all. Give it time.

The only thing holding us back from moving ahead is this.

Be ready. Do your part. Have courage! And know that the most COOL thing that ever has happened, a whole PLANET and its POPULACE getting to Ascend together at the SAME TIME is already taking place. We are in the early stages. Let it rest. Know that they are doing their part, our Counterparts in the Skies. They will land. We are going to embrace them. Help us get through the little bumps and conflicts, come what may, together, with our heads held high, chin up, and hearts united.


Reiki Doc