Thursday, May 10, 2012

Forty Two

Today in the GI lab, a surgeon was going to measure some distances in a post-gastric bypass patient's gut. As he came to the first measurement, in my mind I kept saying, 'Forty-two!' over and over. I was smiling, because to us Essenes, the number Forty-two is of special significance.

He started announcing, 'And the distance is...Forty two!'. I smiled brightly at the success of my experiment, and the assistant looked at him like, 'WHAT?!'. The answer was much less. But the Jedi Mind Trick clearly works for those of us that are working for Light, too.

Why am I an Essene? I don't know exactly, it is like a dim memory from a past life. I have been guided toward it by Blessed Mother. And the readings I have found, small books and websites here and there, resonate strongly with me.

She was a Virgin. Not a virgin in the lay sense. A Virgin was a political office of some power that was held by an independent woman. Mary was raised for that. And although she and Joseph loved each other, she was very active in the Essene Tradition.

(It is the law written by the Essenes that is the basis for the Soveriegnity movement leading to the mass arrests today).

The Essenes believe in the life of all forms on Earth, and are vegetarian. They are a secret sect, and know much about the higher realms. And in biblical time, there were three groups, the Romans, the Early Church, and behind the scenes, the Essenes. Only the Essenes are with us today.

So how does Blessed Mother, Jesus, the Essene Society, and Reiki all fit together? Isn't it a stretch? Not at all.

Jesus was an adept Essene and an Ascended Master. He traveled to India, and learned how to heal. Remember when he asked, 'Who touched me?' when the woman with the bleeding touched the hem of his robe and was healed? When you give Reiki, you feel it. Any Reiki practitioner would have sensed the flow of healing energy as they are used to it. The same Universal Healing Energy that is used in Reiki, is behind the miracles Jesus and the Apostles did. Furthermore, the images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Sacred Heart of Mary, and the Miraculous Medal all show Light streaming forth from the head, hands, and heart of the image shown. This IS the Universal Light.

Do you have to be Holy to learn Reiki? No. But Reiki will make you Spiritual in a big way. First of all, if the vibrational rise was not right for you, you would not be drawn to it.

Second, in Reiki attunements, Reiki Guides appear for each level of the Reiki Training. Some of mine are Mikao Usui, Blessed Mother, Jesus, and The Buddha. Whenever I heal using Reiki, they connect with me, and direct the healing energy to flow through me when I request. If you learn Reiki, you will get a guide too. Sometimes they are not clear. Sometimes they are, like mine. Or like my teachers'. One has Mother Mary (she prefers to use that term), another has Buddha, an yet one more had Paul but only for a very short time to get her ready for another Guide.

Everything is connected. All the way back to Source. That is why we have to be good to each other, and the planet in general. We are all connected through Source. And in this manner, we are uniquely connected together; truly, we are One upon Earth.


Reiki Doc