Sunday, May 13, 2012

Occupy Reiki

You are a God.

You are.

Don't believe me?

I can prove it.

You can create with your mind, everything you ever wished. All you have to do is think it, express desire, and imagine the outcome. And the Universe will provide.

'Well I am not rich, and I have been playing the lottery every week for like, twenty-five years now!' you may counter.

Not right. Wrong. Absolutely! Why? Because there is a catch. The Universe doesn't use money. Money is only something in the three dimensional realm like our duality. But if you think of what you desire, and envision it, the resources to accomplish it will 'just show up'. Just like when you order a pizza.

Guess what?

Some people, a long time back, weren't happy with everybody being able to generate their own abundance and happiness and Light.

Nooooo. They got the idea to get others to work for them: to generate their thoughts on their behalf. That way, THEY would be a God and have other people spend their God-function on them too!

If you think about it, this is wrong and there is no excuse. If everyone can generate enough on their own capacity, what point is there in taking it away from someone else? It is twisted, it is sick, and it becomes a compulsion, actually. A thirst that can never be quenched.

So how does Reiki get into the Occupy Movement and Being God and everything?

Reiki connects you to Source. Once aligned, your levels of consciousness elevate. By Karuna Reiki they are very high. In fact, a Karuna Reiki (TM) practitioner is Multi-Dimensional. (This is something that is hard to define, but easy to experience. Time and distance get warped and funky for a while once the cleansing for the Karuna attunement takes place, then it settles out).

Reiki can be sent as 'a continuous source of Reiki' in your environment. At work, or at home. There is a scale that has been created, called the David Hawkin's Calibrations. It measures how many people you are affecting by your Vibration/Level of Consciousness.

Survival Mode:

Love Mode:
1000--Christ Consciousness

Super Mode (Calculated by Bryce Jackson):
1100-1200--Highest Third Dimension
1300--Fourth Dimension
1400--Fifth Dimension
1500--Sixth Dimension
1600--Seventh Dimension
50,000 and above --Archangels

At 300 you are affecting 90,000 people---At 700 you are affecting 700 million people with your vibration

Basically, we are going to set each other off like popcorn. We have reached the tipping point.

Can you now see where advertising and government policy has been keeping us? Apathy, Grief, Fear, Desire and Anger, as well as Pride--deeply entrenched in the lower vibrations. And furthermore, someone somewhere has figured how to set everyday people up:
shock them with fear
step in and offer a solution to protect.
Do this cycle long enough, and people give up their rights every time. One example is 9/11.

Reiki, through the David Hawkin's Calibration, increases the calibration of the individual. And it rubs off! The Occupy movement was a blip in the elevation of consciousness globally due to some rays of Light that were engulfing the planet at that time. Basically the 11-11-2011 'stargate'.

A second point: I saw in the paper today the 'price taxpayers had to pay for the Occupy Movement that was in MILLIONS!' So was Michael Jackson's funeral. And the security for the George Clooney-Obama shindig the other night. The people have a right to protest peacefully. That is part of the deal.
But the headline is designed to inflict anger, shame, guilt, fear in the reader by accentuating LIMITATION of RESOURCES. This is a lie that has been taught to you for ages! It is not true.

I stumbled across it through close observation of my son. He just doesn't 'get it', limitations. And you know what? The things he wants, and I buy, the money DOES come! I don't know how to explain it, but it always balances out. So he is manifesting, and a success at who am I to go in and mess it up because I came from poverty myself? Why should I impose my 'beliefs' that have been handed down to me from my father who grew up in the projects? What if my son was right and my 'story' was a lie?, I reasoned.

And I was right.

Technology is coming that will make the petroleum industry obsolete. Free energy and free communication for all. The Universe shall give us everything we needed to provide, gratis.  (here is a link to something I just saw that is 'timely'--being posted at the same time I got the inspiration to write this--

And the vibration of  The Collective Consciousness is going to increase.  Because as our Consciousness Levels Rise, through Reiki, Yoga, and anything else that can raise it...we are going to affect those around us in a very fine way.

One Enlightened One affects 700 MILLION people. That is one Dalai Lama, yes? Or one Mother Teresa? Think of how many that are reached by everyone who reads this blog? Ay carumba!

Go for it!


Reiki Doc