Sunday, May 6, 2012

Here and Now

My son earned a nickname while he was in preschool: The General. At two he was the one who was telling everyone, including the teachers, what to do and how to do it. This little one, he takes after my side of the family, unfortunately. As I watch, I have learned to guide him to the truths that have taken me decades to learn myself.

Me, 'Honey? Are you Here and Now? Or are you in the Future?'

Him, 'I am sorry. I am in the Future, Mommy. I like to plan ahead to make everything nice.'

Me, 'But what about this moment here? Are you not missing the beautiful things around you and a chance to be taking them in?'

He then focuses for about five minutes on noticing the buildings as we drive by, in particular, the number of gas stations on each corner at a major intersection as we drive by. Soon, however, he starts to talk about things that are on his mind.

Me, 'Honey, is there anything we can talk about that does not involve buying something or making plans? This is a very beautiful view, a peaceful place, and I would like to enjoy your company.'

Him, 'There I go being the General again! I don't know why I keep going off like that, but I do'. Then he directs his attention to the gas stations on the corners at the intersections again.

As we were driving, I was having a conversation with myself, my inner self. My impartial observer noticed how my emotions, unlike my son, tend to have me linger in the past. Over what once was, or who I was with at the time. So between my gentle guidance to him, my inner self was guiding my state of thinking to gently return to Here and Now myself. Like my son, I was drifting, drifting, drifting, and gently being guided back.

The naked Truth is this: your attention is the only gift you really have. You can use it to move forward in this life, by studying and making plans. You can create a life that is magnificent, and everything you ever wanted to have. You have limitless potential inside of you. The only thing that holds you back is your belief and your ability to focus on what you desire.

What you do with your attention is your choice. But by making this choice, in consistent patterns, you habituate, and this becomes your character. This pattern, with effort, can be broken with time, patience, and persistence. You can be ANYTHING that you want to be. No matter what you have done in the past.

And that, my gentle spirits, the the true gift of the Present Moment, Here and Now. You are free to create, within you mind, your fantasy life and make it come alive. With the Universe to provide for you. That is the Truth.

Ask yourself this: if you are not the one that is focusing the Magic of your Attention, then who is?

Ask yourself further: if someone else IS drawing your attention other than you, what do they have to gain by it? What do they have to gain?

If you ponder this, a good long time, you will realize that Marketing, and Mass Media, are taking up a lot of your attention. They separate you from your hard-earned income. And they take away the things you came to Earth to experience, by making you want  something else.

In your Heart of Hearts, when you are quiet, contemplative, and alone, you will find that guide there is so deep inside of you, to take you on your Path on Earth. The one you wanted most to do. For me, it was being a physician, an anesthesiologist. That was my Pie in the Sky. And I have lived it. I do it better than most of my friends I know in my specialty. I was Chief Resident because of this. I got my fellowship because of my ability. I gave it everything I had and most of my time I could have spent having fun or being in a relationship. But I paid my time to earn the chance to let folks heal with gentleness and Light.

Your Heart of Hearts is there for you. Contact it. Go ahead and make friends with it. Who knows? Tomorrow you can begin again. Heck, even the next minute you can begin again. A whole new life. The one other people will want to copy because it is so wonderful! And it will be right, just right for you.

If you are having Trouble, feel it. Let the horror go right in. It is trying to tell you something. But know that once you hear it, you will have made connection with your Heart of Hearts. And like Sudoku, with patience you will learn the patterns and solve the puzzle in your life. And look forward to the rapid growth that challenges bring.

Know you are Loved. And in the ever-present changes of the Universe, you are Special. You are Wanted. You are a  Miracle, a very Holy Miracle, of Light. You are Beautiful in every way...that is, unless you are Handsome ; )

Don't work to hard, have a good day, and take some time to yourself to play and play and play.

Reiki Doc