Monday, February 6, 2012

Life in The Fast Lane--Metaphysics

Things are starting to manifest. In the last two days, I manifested an old friend contacting me, the boy who gave me my first kiss on the playground friended me on Facebook, my boss called right the minute I was asking questions to myself about the morning's big meeting, and the Giants won the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, I also manifested a night of epidurals, because I kept saying that on Super Bowl, everybody stays home and comes in after the game.

As an aside, I am not a football fan. I used to be, before Reiki. This was the first game of the season, and I could not pay attention like I used to. The violence of the fight on the field, it got to me. But, as you may have surmised from my last post, I have a super big chip on my shoulder against anyone who leaves a woman that he got pregnant. Tom Brady is one of those people. What he did to Bridget Moynahan happened around the time that what my son's father did to me. Taking only the pleasure and not the pain is the cruelest blow to a woman's heart. Eli beat him. Even more, the Giants spoke of 'love for the team and love for the game'. That is angel talk! Voila!

One of the things I noticed today on the ride to my son's school, was a BAD DRIVER. I almost hit her. Twice. She went way to slow for the traffic. Stopped in the middle of turning the corner and there was one pedestrian. But after the old lady crossed the street, she still didn't go.

She was oblivious to the harm she had placed herself and her passengers in.

In traffic, there is an element of letting go. 'Go with the flow', you might call it. The police will ticket you for going at both extremes--too fast. Or too slow. How often do you know one of your headlights, tail lights, or brake lights are not working? Heck, how often do you leave the turning signal on?

Driving is automatic. There are good drivers and bad drivers. There are traffic police. There are many types of cars. But we are all obeying the rules of the road and trying to get on our way.

Same thing, metaphysically. There are advanced souls, and new souls. There are angels and earthly consequences to intervene with our actions/choices. Our bodies come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors. But we are all trying to live our life according to Spiritual principles, find out Soul Purpose, and go Home.

When you try to develop Life, metaphysically, there is an opening of the heart. A lessening of the ability to 'understand' with the Mind. One can't explain it. But once one has felt it, the presence of Grace, something holy, something Light, one knows the Truth. Right there in the heart. And one never forgets it.

Concentrate on how you are driving the Spiritual Path. Go with the flow of Traffic. Know that through the work of all of us Lightworkers, the freeway traffic jam is clearing. The Sig Alert is almost over. And soon we will be on our way, unencumbered, to enjoy the rest of our time on Earth.


Reiki Doc