Sunday, February 19, 2012

Turn it Around: A Tribute to the Work of Byron Katie

This video floored me with its sheer power of healing and Light and Truth.

So many times we get thoughts that nag us. They go round and round in our heads. They take away our peace.

Byron Katie is a person who lived a life full of addiction. She got herself out of her addiction by coming up with four questions. Every time she had a thought that would take over her day-to-day attention, she would ask herself these four questions. Roughly, they go:
1) Is this thought True?
2) Are you absolutely, positively sure that this is True. Is there ANY chance it could NOT be true?
3) How would you and your life be WITHOUT this thought?
4) Turn it around. Tell yourself 'The Opposite of this thought is true'. Can that be true?

Then you let go of the thought and you heal.

Yesterday I was woken up at five a.m. by a nurse whose patient had a history of paralysis from multiple fractures of the back. Although the studies, that were old, were normal, this patient was concerned about the pain of childbirth and wanted to know her options. Unfortunately she did not do the studies in the MRI her neurologist had asked so that he could give a recommendation to me where it would be safe to go. (Our usual entry point is L3-4).

I was struggling. here I am an anesthesiologist. I don't want to do the procedure. It is too risky for her. But she is asking. When I walked in she was just on the phone callling her friend to tell her she was in labor and it was time to give her Reiki and come. I knew they could be reasonable. But I asked Spirit for guidance on what would be best for her.

I shared about how my way of removing pain involves numbness and weakness. And that this is the same problem she had before with her injuries. It came to me in a flash--patients with neck fractures are positioned awake first before we operate. The  breathing tube goes in awake. Why? Because someone with a broken neck will never move in a way that will make it hurt worse. It's too painful. So I phrased it--'It is in the MIND. People who do labor natural have to WANT it. For you, the options I have for pain would make you at risk of moving in a way during labor that could hurt you worse and it could be permanent. You would not know if you moved in such a way to make the situation worse for your spine. You need to be alert and clear-headed to PROTECT YOURSELF from all nerve injuries that are possible in labor for you.'

I ran into the dad, who is a nurse, in the elevator. Once inside, I shared, 'Nobody here knows this, but I am a Reiki Master and a Karuna Reiki (tm) Master. I was connecting to Source to find the right answer for your wife.'

He smiled and said, 'I kind of got that vibe in the room from you. That is good. That is the way of the future in medicine.' I said, 'I know' and was glad.

What you have before you in this video is pure energetic healing. On a Soul Level, with the Mind. Byron knows the quirks of it. And she pushes the envelope beyond that of traditional counseling and therapy. Her having 'lived through her demons' gives her the compassion and credibility to do her work.

I read her book once a long time ago. When I was adjusting to being a new mother. A new single mother. It set me free. Seeing her work on YouTube is a gift. Enjoy it. And maybe you can follow her on Facebook.


Reiki Doc