Friday, February 3, 2012

Salad for Breakfast

Five cooked beets. Tofu. Sliced water chestnuts. Oil and vinegar. Slices of pickled yellow hot pepper. Organic romaine lettuce from home. Topped with $2.50 a can leftover whole kernel corn (organic, non GMO--almost all corn is GMO, that is why it costs so much).

That was my breakfast for today. Followed by a small strawberry Yoplait yogurt, with real sugar.
And a double Keurig cup serving of Paul Newman Organic coffee in my mug. That is what I had today at work before I came home.

Why am I sharing this? There was a time when anything other than cereal or pancakes or other breakfast food would have been UNTHINKABLE. For sure, when I am in Vegas or Hawaii and there is an asian breakfast option I'd take it. But other than that, it was morning food as a rule for me.

I read the book, 'Skinny Bitch', a pro-vegan movement publication. I tried to satisfy myself with just fruit for breakfast like they recommend. Sometimes it works. But as a mother with a son who likes pancake wrapped sausage on a stick from the microwave, it was hard to find something that worked for both of us.

Today is a step towards ascension. I break all attachment to my expectation of what breakfast ought to be. I make a hybrid salad, some from the salad bar at the cafeteria, and some from home that is organic. It was leftover from last night. The oil and vinegar would have leaked out the box on the way home. So I ate it.

I FEEL TERRIFIC! No sugar spike or rush for me.

Everything is new. As we ascend, our body will begin to have different requirements. Part of the increase in vibration. When we take Karuna Reiki (TM) it is common for people to start making healthy changes in their lives, instinctively. For me, a change was noticing how I felt after the two chile rellenos I ate at lunch. I didn't enjoy it as much. Couldn't finish it. And after I burped it up through early evening, I knew, 'that's it. No more chile rellenos at work for me.'

The changes that are taking place are all around us. You may notice you are uncomfortable with things that used to be okay with you before. This is what is expected. Your compatibility with activities and ingesting things that are of the lower vibration are not going to feel as welcome to your body as before. And that is a good sign that everything will happen at the right pace. Try your best to welcome it. And rest. Drink lots of fluids. Get some sun without any artificial sun creams to block out the UV light. Only ten or fifteen minutes is enough. It will spark your energy system, your auras (there are many layers, more than one that surround you) and your chakras will clear of any imbalances if any that are present.

There is a Facebook Friend of mine, Mystic Hopi Pleadean Fairy, who keeps making statements about the diet that is acidic and its link to cancer. Try to tune in on 'what resonates' with you when you encounter information like that. As an Intuitive Physician, I grin. They are so off-base and inappropriate it is humorous! Cancer originates from imbalance in the energetic system. In Thought. It might be attached to your DNA from your ancestors. But once the imbalance proceeds to the physical, it is shouting a message to you to correct what is 'wrong' in your life: an energetic disruption. Any medicine and treatment to this effect, to cure what is wrong in both the physical and the Mind/energy/Spirit are of effect that is beneficial to the sufferer of this fate. By the way, making statements like MHP Fairy's on the internet makes one at risk of practicing medicine without a license, that is, giving medical advice without specific training to do so.

A baby was born with amazing Spirit yesterday. One with really open eyes and full awareness of the mother. It was very intense. Another Spirit who incarnated to assist on the Ascension. There are lots of books and video clips about such Old Souls. They are of many names, Indigo Children, Starseeds, Rainbow Children, Crystal Children, and the like. You might want to learn about them. There are excellent books by Doreen Virtue on this. They need our support to make it to adulthood unscathed by the status-quo. They are here to change it. For example, my boy is a Crystal Child. Amazing eyes, with super long lashes, and very wise. He has faith in UFO's, sees past lives and remembers them, and can heal. One morning I woke up with stomach pain that was so painful I could not get out of bed. I asked him to please give me Reiki. He laid his hands on my abdomen, and in under five minutes, I got up and was able to make both of us breakfast. I see them, every day, the new ones, coming to Earth as they are born at the hospital. Cherish them. And help them find themselves enough to lead the way.

A wonderful era is just starting...


Reiki Doc