Sunday, February 26, 2012

Extra Credit

Everything I wrote yesterday, I thought about ever since.

I read the inscription from my Mormon friend in the Book of Mormon he gave me. It said, and I paraphrase, 'I follow these wonderful things in my life. Here are the things. Read here. Pray on it.'

That was nice. And heartfelt. In my opinion, it is the product of a horrible twist of the mind. Yesterday I spoke how this twist is by religion to control Man.

Let us take the logical next step.

The power of a woman to give birth is a sacred mystery. This mystery, in the past, led to Matriarchal societies. Women held the power. Women held the land. Women used the intuition God/Goddess had given them to create Magic.

Along the way, men figured out that by controlling the women's reproduction, they could establish a Patriarchy. How women got into this in the first place, I am not sure. There were chastity belts, marriage, all kinds of societal bonds to keep the women in check.

Women became chattel. Property. In some arabian societies, women cover up their beauty outside the home. They can't drive. I have read a book by a Saudi Arabian Princess. It made me sick. People sold their eight year old daughters to the King for sex, all the while knowing that the daughters, without their virginity, would never stand a chance at proper marriage and place in their society. I read a book about a Thirteen year old girl in Yemen, who was the first to ask for a divorce. Her book was supposed to raise money to support her, and her family. The horrors are abundant.

Even as  a physician, I still sometimes am confronted with this in patient care. Where I used to work, they LIKED Saudi insurance. They paid for EVERYTHING. A prince came, and took over a whole wing of the hospital. The couch from the CEO's office went into one of the rooms. I did anesthesia with my teacher, also a woman. They didn't want us to touch him, but due to the circumstances, we did, for medical care. Guess what? Surgeon and chief resident, both male, got watches. Nice ones. We got JACK. Nada. NOTHING. On OB, it is the opposite, they WANT a woman only for the medical care. Go figure.

I got thinking about the Mexican and the Mormon. Their wives partied. They DIDN'T BUY IT. The men were wistful, following their mind, what someone had told them. And the women did not.

I had a Mormon mom with tattoos as a patient once. She said she was a 'good Mormon wife--she drank her margaritas out in the garage after the children were asleep.'. I want to talk to you about the Mormon women. I went to the California-Utah Women Luncheons for about five years, at the invitation of a friend. There were crafts to buy before, and then a Lunch at the Disneyland Hotel. It cost about fifty dollars a ticket. It was nice to be with the women. There would be awards for the woman of honor. There would be raffles and prize drawings. I won once, a two-hundred dollar gift certificate to Nordstrom.

But what I felt? The women had no confidence. For some, it was a chance to serve, to organize the function. For others, it was a duty. Conversation was hard with some of them I sat next to. It was all about kids, grandkids, and operations. They didn't understand what it is I do. Most of them stayed at home. The beauty of the Mormon family comes at a price: the freedom of the women to be who they are. There is a lot of pressure on them to contribute to the church in time and talent. There is a joke about jello salad for dinner some nights, because there is so little time to get the family ready for weeknight events.

A long time ago, a thought came to me: what if this reality on Earth is simply a test for the males of the species? Everyone else is in on the secret--Nature, animals, plants, women, the Moon, the Tides, the Spirits, the Fairies--everyone but them. They have their intuition blocked. They are given their sexuality. Their ego. Their intellect. They cannot see that which is unseen. And because of that they are tested. Their personality, their soul, what kind of person they are.

I know the Dalai Lama would pass with flying colors! He 'got it back', his birthright, his intuition, his heart. But others? I don't know. An atheist friend of mine, a surgeon, has two daughters and is very in tune with Life, more so than others. He CARES about  right and wrong. 

As women in this present day duality, what can be done?

Claim your power. Plug in to your intuition. Defend your boundaries. Care for the Earth.

Love your men. Train them. Especially the little ones. Like that salesman with that proverbial foot in the door, leave their psyche open just a bit. Perhaps they will awaken at the proper time.

Support political change. I do not go for petitions and the system myself. Lost faith in it. But if you do, support a cause for change. For me, I pray. I add to the Higher Dimension for the best for all involved. I pray for Peace, Divine Healing, and Light. That helps.

One day, we will have the answers that we seek. We will have the Truth. Until then, be patient and know this is not forever.

And for my friend, I will thank him politely for his concern for my eternal soul. And drop it at that.
I would like to ask why everyone has to be converted. Why Mormons can't be friends with other faiths. But I won't. They are of a mindset that has been like that since Polygamy, and the Church needs members to tithe. In my heart of hearts, I pray maybe there is a Secret Society helping Heaven within it. But I don't know. And know matter how hot my coworker is, I am not that lonely to change what I am to be with him.


Reiki Doc