Friday, February 17, 2012

Saving Lives Times Three

Today I woke up thinking about what I was going to write. I thought about getting to work on time. And I thought about my c sections that were scheduled today at seven thirty and at noon.

I had no clue I would be involved in the care of eight deliveries. Or that I would buy time for a mother who was hemorrhaging. Or help a heart surgeon fix an emergency in the angio lab.

But I did.

I want to share more on it tomorrow.

But for tonight, I want you to know that in all this, I saw patterns. Energetic ones. Some like my own. And I saw ego. Of my own, and lots of it! I was constantly trying to keep it in check.

And last?

I saw news of things that are to arrive. Look to the skies! Look to alternative news sources! Listen to your heart for the Truth. It will resonate with you. And you will Know.

Good things are coming. The very best!


Reiki Doc