Friday, February 10, 2012

Reiki Discount!

Something has been happening at the Crystal store near me when I go to pay.

The time before last, Emily took five dollars off my phenokite crystal. She saw it glint when I picked it up, and she knew that it was meant for me. They don't always do that.

This time, Brandon gave me six dollars off my pendulum. It is a new one, and I wasn't sure why Spirit wanted me to buy it. That he gave me the discount tipped me off that Spirit had its hand in it, too.

I asked Brandon, did you pick anything up on WHY I am supposed to have this pendulum for my Spiritual work? He said, 'no. But with the metal here between the quartz and the amethyst, it is really powerful and you can do a lot more with it than just guidance on decisions.' He thought about it and said, 'You can use it to clear chakras and stuff. You can learn more and do it.'

I smiled and said, 'I already do that. I am a Karuna Reiki (TM) Master.'

"Oh, well I don't know then.'

The total for my books and everything was just about $100. I gave him my rewards card. For some reason, it didn't zip, and he wanted to transfer the balance to another card. He said, 'I usually ring the purchase up first, this is backwards.' and I said, 'okay, do the charge first.' He said, "No, it's all right'.

The balance between the two cards was 926 points.  And he could not get it to work. He got a new card. It showed $45 on the card! He did the math. He erased, he got another card, and got flustered. He blurted out, 'I don't know why this isn't working!'. I laughed and said, 'I do. Spirit is messing with you. It happens all the time to me on transactions.' He kept trying to do logic, and it just wouldn't work out.

He kept trying. Another lady, with too much makeup in black with a pentacle, who was also obese, was trying to make a purchase but was polite. (Why is it that the Wiccans all look like that? From Laurie Cabot's black and exaggerated eye makeup to this one? I am a solitary, but that look is not my thing!)

I shared, 'I got Stanley-Kaplan free. It was the same thing, total trouble running the card. The credit card company sent me a $200  credit for my hassle, in a separate letter.' Total value $900, thanks to Spirit.

When you are on your Path, your Life Work, doors open. It feels like when dominos are stacked in such a way that tipping one knocks down all the rest. There is a force, a pulling, a connection that everything is right. Brandon gave up and gave me $25 credit on my rewards card. He thought I should have had $18.

I was guided before I set foot in the store to look at where my book would go. There was no place for it. I decided Energy Medicine/Healing. But my book is not for the patient. It is for the practitioner. The Healthcare worker. It is for the person in the system who is awake, aware, and wanting to take things to a higher level when it comes to healing. I bought a copy of 'The Healing Touch' in order for me to know about it. There are a LOT of Reiki healthcare workers. And a lot of Reiki in the hospital. But it is just sporadic. It needs to become culture in the healing arts. In conventional medicine. At the doc in the box down the block. One day it shall be so.


Reiki Doc