Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On Rest and Relaxation

Everyone needs sleep. Except perhaps maybe doctors. It seemed like that my last OB anesthesia call. Last Sunday night was particularly brutal. Every time I went into a deep sleep I was woken out of it by a nurse telling me to go upstairs and do some anesthesia whatever.

By the time morning came, I had to drink coffee to be able to drive and get my boy from my mother's house which is the opposite way from our home and school. The medical center is between both of our homes.

Monday was hard. With dropping off my son and taking care of errands, there was not much time for sleep. About two hours.  I was so wound up it was hard to rest. The hours are hard on my son, too. He doesn't sleep well out with a babysitter. He fell asleep with his head on my lap as I sat on the couch talking on the phone to coworkers.

I can't begin to say how many times my peace and rest has been interrupted because of work. Even on post-call days. I will just get to sleep and there is a call, usually from someone I have to answer, like a boss. Even just checking disrupts my sleep. Studies have shown that night workers never rest as well, and not only do people think they are 'lazy' but they live shorter lives due to all that stress.

Tuesday I had a day off. It was magnificent, except for the fact that I was not being paid.

We had a pleasant, not-rushed breakfast before school. I dropped him off AND picked him up. In between I cleaned, took care of some of the pets, and spent around an hour outside in the garden. It was the last that renewed my Spirit. The breeze before the storm made me feel ALIVE! I love gardening, and it has been weeks before I had the chance to do so. 

We had dinner, dessert (I baked brownies), and played Kinect for the first time since Christmas. 

Yes,  a boss called at nine o'clock and took an hour of my time at bedtime. I should say, former boss and colleague who is suing the big boss that absconded with the cash. This individual takes one hour of my time at a pop, especially when I am done with my twenty-four hour shift and trying to leave the hospital. I have noticed more peace since they left. 

When it comes right down to it, out of the entire month of February, the number of days I have to 'do what I want to do' are three. How can one function? By barely hanging on.

With the coming changes, it is very important for us to rest. After every attunement, and sometimes even before, in my Reiki training, I got sleepy. It is important to rest as we assimilate to new vibration. 

I think we go someplace far away when we sleep. We go Home. And sometimes when you have that powerful dream of a loved one that seems 'real' you remember all of your life, that is a special gift that has been arranged between your loved one and Home. I think it is more than 'recharging your batteries' or 'storage backup of the day's memories'. I think we go someplace where we are conscious, we review our day, and plan what will happen in the next.

Everything happens for the best. I believe that in this powerful industrialized way of living, that wrings out every drop of productivity to take away our power to dream and to create our own reality, something has got to give. It is like watching the housing market the last ten years. Prices were going up so much I did not understand how anyone could buy a house. I barely afforded a cheap one and I have an excellent job. It had to bust. It was in a non-sustainable rate of growth.

Something is going to change in our lifestyle. Something for the better. I can sense it like the coming of the rain. Be strong, and do your best to go along with whatever happens. The vigilance of our work is getting the upper hand on rest and relaxation. But not forever. Nothing is forever, except What Is.


Reiki Doc