Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Talking to Dead People is Much Easier than Talking to Live People

See the water? Imagine you are out there, on a raft or a boat. You are out of your element, the land. There is light there, so much light you probably need sunglasses. Not just regular sunglasses, you would prefer the polarized lenses that cut the glare so you can see.

Talking to Dead People is the Ultimate Polarizing lens: There is NO BULLSHIT. Let me repeat. There is NO BULLSHIT. They know you, you know them. You communicate by feelings, 'thought-pictures', I call it. It is not clear, always. And depending on your gift in the Clairs, you might Hear (Clair-audient), See (Clair-voyant), Feel (Clair-sentient), Know (Clair-cognizant), or Smell (that is another Clair but I forget the whole name of it). When you communicate with the Dead, you are Out There. It isn't quite 'Here and Now' and it isn't quite 'There'. Communication happens when they reach out to your vibration, and your vibration 'connects' with theirs. Depending on the Spirit or Dead Person, they may only have enough energy to flip a coin and make pennies start showing up 'heads up' for you as a symbol. Or, you can have entire conversations like I do. 

Out on the boat. Out THERE. In the Light at its strongest, is why I like speaking with Dead People. They are nice. They are wise. They have something to say. And most of the time it is useful. They have a Message, either for others or for a Loved One. And often times they mix in a little message for me. They are profoundly greatful for having someone on Earth that is there to listen to them. Most people they know cannot hear. Or see. Or sense. One day in Medical School, I was studying. I was shocked at the presence of a male spirit. I didn't recognize him. He said, 'You stick out like a sore thumb out there!'. I struggled to tell who this spirit was. Obviously he knew me, was jokingly serious, and let me know he cared. I found out two days later it was a friend in high school who had graduated a year before me. We had double dated, my boyfriend and me with his girlfriend and him, but then it turned out he was gay. She found him in bed with another man in their home they shared in college. When I saw him, he had just died of AIDS. I went to the funeral. The song he wanted played was, 'Send in the Clowns'.

Remember that. And know that the Recently Dead tend to trust someone like you and me a lot more than someone who has passed awhile. Or an angel. They listen to us most. So if you are smart, on Earth, you can help those in Spirit, by giving them an assignment. "Whitney, what are you doing here? You should be helping Bobbi Kristina." "I can HELP???" she asked. "Yes. You can help. Go! There is not much time!"

Ask them to help with your problems. Ask them to find you a parking space. My Italian Grandfather always sends me two at once so I know it's him. They love to help. 

Back to the picture. See the grass and the cement in the sunshine? That is talking to Live People. You think you can see. There is Light. But people are hidden. There definitely IS bullshit. You know it. You are old enough to read, then you have been hurt by someone. One of the best ways to talk to Live People is to Know Yourself. This is implied when talking to a Dead Person. They know you, and therefore You know You. But with the Living, if You don't know yourself, it is kind of like the Blind leading the Blind in communication. I don't enjoy it, actually. I prefer out in the open like with the Dead. But, one good news: with the ascension, Telepathy is starting to take place. Think of it as super good intuition when you are in somebodies' aura. You read their 'vibe' so well, you get an impression of their actual thoughts and their motives. It is like Clairaudience and Claircognizance together. They won't know it. But you will. Keep meditating, keep learning, keep raising your vibration. Once you get to the point where you won't take it personal, and you will respond with unconditional love it will happen all the time.

You will also have people reading your mind, although unconsciously, and you can make requests like for a song, or a blanket, or some random thing in your mind, and the person you are with will start, like, they just came up with a thought! And get it for you, the thing you were thinking it would be nice to have. I NEVER say a thing about it when it happens. It would be too weird for them, for they are not Spiritually trained enough to know it is just our higher consciousnesses communicating.  But it is fun.

Now  back in the picture. Guess where in the chair in the shadow is? That is talking with Yourself. Do you know yourself? I am not talking that my right foot is half-size bigger than the left. I am not talking about how I won't sit on a warm seat because it feels icky. There is a lot of bullshit that you can't even see in there. I am talking from PAST LIVES! I am talking sum total of all of your experiences. Some things have been useful, for a time, like survival, but opening up to learn to trust again might be the next lesson once survival has been mastered. This is why meditation is so important. It is shining a little light, like a Mini Mag Flashlight, into your soul to help you SEE. "Take the Best and Leave the Rest' is a WISE starting point. Meditation can be classical, or yoga/movement, or gardening, or something like doing crossword puzzles. Anything you have fun doing, that is quiet and alone will help you find your inner spark. And when you do, LIGHT IT.

It will help you talk with OTHERS who are ALIVE. You will have compassion for them because first you have compassion for yourself. You are from the starting point that ALL are ONE. (In a past life, you might have been the bully and THEY might have been the Victim, see?) Good old Karma ensures that what goes around really truly does come around.

It will help you talk with Dead People. That is so much fun, being a Medium. Because my vibration is high, I select out the really icky people and ghosts.  I only talk with those of higher vibration. I am like chalk on a blackboard screeching the wrong way to negative energy entities. And they are the same to me.

How do you get to learn about yourself? with Evita Ochel. I love her and her courageous series on YouTube. Every week she comes up with a new topic that is about thirty minutes of Skype Interview. She really stretches the envelope for me.
I also highly recomment the work of Jeff Brown, SoulShaping. Jeff is a former lawyer who discovered his true self through a process he calls 'Enrealment'. Enrealment embraces the ego. But also embraces letting down one's armor that helped through the survival. 
I know of Louise Hay, I know of Abraham Hick's the Law of Attraction. I think, however, one can achieve what Jeff calls 'a reality bypass' through some of their methods. For inspiration, YES! But for personal growth, you would have to check what RESONATES with you in those studies. Spending precious time on Earth where you could be learning yourself enough to help others, and wasting it by trying to manifest THINGS might not help you in your Spiritual Development if all you do is focus upon that. Especially for VALIDATION. Things cannot validate you. Only you can do that for yourself.

In the Dark, we forget God.
We ARE God. We live in our own Temple, our body. It teaches us Lessons. And when we are close to our Truths, it resonates in the heart center with love and vibration and joy.

One step forward, two steps back. But keep walking! It makes you better around others. And you might one day get to talk to Spirit, and the Dead. I love it.

Tonight my son took his starlight turtle, the one that shines the moon and stars on the ceiling to help you fall asleep. He picked it up, placed it on his chest, and turned it on. The light beams from that turtle were WONDERFUL! Beaming right out of his chest into the world!!! Shouldn't we all find a way to open that beautiful heart light, our Spark of the Divine, and shine it right out of our chests? Doing that in the Darkness, the Illusion, is the greatest miracle of all!


Reiki Doc