Friday, February 24, 2012

Like a Surgeon...Cut for the Very First Time...

Break the Glass.

That is what they call it when we work on employees of the hospital. This one was a surgeon from a sister hospital that is closer to my house.

I can't tell you why we were going to the operating room or what the procedure was. I can't even tell you if the surgeon was male or female.  What I CAN share is the energetics of the whole process. They are very informative.

Pre-Op Holding:
I am sure to call the physician Dr. when I greet them. For ease of telling the story, let us refer to this patient as Dr. Song.
ESTABLISH RAPPORT. This surgeon was alone in Pre-Op Holding. That is not a good sign. Usually there is a family member or two at the bedside. Spouse was another physician. Must have been working.
I felt an urgency to establish rapport, to show Dr. Song that I was on their side. I spent more time than usual. And did a lot of talking, answering their questions. The words that popped out of my mouth involuntarily when I first arrived at the bedside were, 'I totally understand what it is like to be on the patient side of this situation and will do everything I can to make it easy for you."

With versed running in the i.v. and a smile on Dr. Song's face we were ready to go.


This surgeon was having a procedure in their own specialty. As anesthesia was being induced, Dr. Song's last words were, 'my position is not right for surgery'. Indeed, they were correct, and after the airway was established, we had to move the patient about three to six inches up towards the head of the bed.

Although the patient was stable, metaphysically Dr. Song was all over the room. Laughing, giggling, saying, 'This is FUN!'  said the Spirit of Dr. Song as Dr. Song slept.  I picked up on a disconnect between the day-to-day life, and the heart of this patient. (For example, in Pre-Op Holding, I made the suggestion 'no home shopping network after surgery. Your judgement may be off and you might buy something you might regret.' The reply? 'My spouse will thank you for it.', alluding to the spending of too much money to relieve stress habit.)

I went in. I read the aura and the chakras. Very low energy. This patient was exhausted. Running on fumes. Here was someone who, like a good daughter or son, worked very hard and became a doctor at their parent's wish. The strongest chakra was the yellow one, who had been forcing the rest to perform superhuman work schedules for so long. No wonder why Dr. Song needed surgery.

Open. Clear. Balance. Insert the symbols. Reiki. Karuna Reiki (TM). Total bringing back to harmony and Light. All the while, with the Spirit of Dr. Song talking to me. 'Whooo! Wheee! That feels NICE! What are you doing that for? Whoa! This is cool!' It was surreal. Yes, I, who have seen EVERYTHING, have never seen anything like this.

I thought about what would be nice, if in the future, anesthesia Reiki could give feedback to the surgeon at the end of the case. I hedged it, very carefully, into a gentle suggestion. "Dr. Wright? Ummm....I think this patient needs a vacation. A total vacation like the Corona Beer Commercials--someplace tropical where you lie around under a palapa with nothing to do."

And her is where Dr. Wright closed the loop and floored me. Dr. Song 'kind of stresses out'. And today, Dr. Song had to do surgery in the morning. On the day that Dr. Song was having surgery themself! The scheduler messed up and didn't give Dr. Song the day off. I was right on target with my reading.

I am the Wake-Up Fairy. I never got to be one in actual Kindergarten because I took terrible naps. One whole year of Kindergarten, and not once getting to wake the children up. But in the Operating Room? It's Spiritual Wake Up Time. 'Hello! Hello!' I think aloud, as I tap on the third eye in my mind and put opening symbols on it. 'It's time for you to wake up and smell the coffee! Times are changing and we are going to be needing you and your help!'.

I did a lot of that type of healing on Dr. Song. And trying to bring the Soul Purpose into alignment with the Day to Day Life.

Recovery Room:

Once awake, there was a great big smile. And a hello to me from across the room. All swaddled in warm blankets, Dr. Song looked relieved, almost at peace. And said, 'Thank you for being so nice!" to me.

I leaned in, touched the shoulder and smiled, saying, "We take care of our own here. We take care of our own."


Reiki Doc