Thursday, February 9, 2012

All is Well

All is well!

I keep telling myself that over and over. And you know what? It is working! Getting up early to get my son off to daycare by 6:30 a.m. when it opens, and to work by 7:00 a.m. start had us sleepy and hungry in the car outside the closed facility. "You know mom, it is kind of nice eating breakfast together in the back seat of the car!" he said. And I gave thanks.

At work, I was just sitting down to a two hour break. Unfolding the paper and just got a call from the main O.R. 'someone is sick, and someone else is tired from being up late at work last night. A crani is coming. Trade assignments.' Okay. Hepatitis C, intubated, lined up. Okay. It took an hour, but oh well. 'All is well'. And I ended up having the nicest conversation with the neurosurgeon. He was impressed I had surgery by someone famous. We talked about the place and what it is like to be a patient. He shared that the part that really makes people break down isn't being told they have cancer. It is when they shave their hair. Then they really know they are sick. For me, I got traumatized just listening to the clippers in the curtain next to me in neurosurgery pre-op holding...

Again, not sure what to do. The ride for my son to go to baseball practice may have a perforated ulcer. CT scan. But his father and I scrambled. As it ended up, I was in surgery with an Indian Englebert Humperdink, a VERY negative individual who is not the most skilled at what he does. Anyway, before I could even chart or give Reiki, relief was in the room. I was most grateful.

I accidentally left my celtic crystal pendulum from Renaissance Faire in my pocket in my scrubs. I had to call. Guess what? They FOUND IT! I am so thankful I called. I said,'it was from an old boyfriend at Renaissance faire'. They said, 'it was some crystal thing on a chain'. A pendulum. A very useful device when you know how to use it! ; )

So, I went birthday shopping. Class mom has to bring goodies. They were almost out of blueberry mini-muffins. I got mini lemon-blueberry scones for the teachers. And then on second look, what jumped out at me? Heart cookies. Natural ones. I bought two boxes. A nice party after all for my son, who is turning seven.

There was a vibrancy, a joy to the marketplace today! Everyone was happy. I asked the manager, is it always this crowded? He said, 'no, this is unusual'. I laughed and said, 'well, the recession must be ending. Right now. Here. At your store.' He said, 'yes, at 4:20, right here' and I said, '4:20 is a good time!' And we laughed.

Organic food is EVERYWHERE. And the sample was ;chickenless mandarin chunks with brown rice.

I think the tipping point is picking up speed! I am SO excited for ascension to take place! I saw this quote today by Byron Katie: the end of duality is the end of evil. Sign me up! Woot! Woot! 


Reiki Doc