Saturday, February 11, 2012

On Joy : )

Yesterday we were at a birthday party. It was at a place with all the jumpy things inside, in an industrial park. It was fun. Everybody running around smiling and screaming. Inside it was dark and had a full laser light show thing going. And there were points of light like stars shining all over everything.

Not one kid was crying. Even the parent who had disciplined her second son and not let him come, but brought the other one, jumped around and had a good time.

How often do we experience the joy to be alive?

Let me say that again: how often do we take the time to experience, without chemical substances in our system, the simple joy and thrill to be alive?

Why is it that we only wait for birthdays?

What if Un-birthdays could be like, Birthdays too? The joy is in the unexpected. The freedom from having to produce, to survive, to organize and clean and earn and be politically correct? The joy is in celebrating a body that works.  And using it.

What people did not know, and did not experience directly, was the outside influence of two things:
1) the science of running a business for birthday parties
2) the influence of Reiki and the Collective Consciousness

The Place has worked out all the bugs. It was perfect. There was a cart for all the shoes and jackets that looked like a cabinet. We spent limited time in each room. The cart rolled from one room to the next. The safety video was meant to be fun. And the slides were freshly waxed and really fast. There was an extra 'glow package' where all the kids got a glow necklace and a glow bracelet. And the host brought in more glow bracelets for the parents so they could be a part of the party. The party room for eating was clean and just the right size for everyone. And we did not linger over cake. I saw them even helping the hosts load their car.

Just like at Disneyland, there is a lot going on backstage to 'make it right' for the person who goes there. When you go about your life, think that it just might be possible, that there is just as much going on 'behind the scenes' to create the life you think of as your own. It could be angels, It could be a Higher Power. It could be your Consciousness. Whatever it is, it is working for the benefit of You. Trust in it, and enjoy the ride.

The Collective Consciousness is the part of all of our auras that merge. The old bible verse, 'whenever two or more are gathered God is present' describes that phenomena of humanity. Mob dynamics would be another. Or Team Sports, I believe, get a Team Personality. Anyway, here all of us were, jumping and having fun together. Do you think that may have balanced out a few chakras? I do. Especially with the exercise and fun raising the vibration. There was one sole person there, the drunk, who smelled like tobacco and looked like a construction worker, who was bringing the place down. This one was smiling, and playing, but so focused on the three lower chakras that it was uncomfortable for me to be near his vibration. How I could explain it is he lives in the mind and not the heart, thinking it is the heart, and fueling itself up on so much alcohol and possibly other substances that when I shook his hand he felt like a patient. Every disease has a 'feel' to me. Kind of like a composer would perceive things somewhat in musical terms. This one looked, smelled, and acted like many a liver patient or trauma patient I have seen before.

What did I do? Send Universal Unconditional Love to the group. The children were my favorite. But if the parents , especially the non-parent druggie Uncle wanted to soak some up, that was good too. Either way, it was their for their higher self, the outer layer of the aura that has a consciousness of its own, to tap in and 'drink'.

Joy takes lots of effort for a party planner to make likely to happen in a setting like this. Just for today, think of your life as a party celebrating you. Step back and see what Life brings up. And smile when you discover it.

I love you. Very much.


Reiki Doc