Saturday, March 24, 2012

I have a Halo

Tonight, when they took a picture of us after a concert, it was someone from the back row, taking a photo of four adults and one boy with the the stage in the background.

'**Reiki Doc*** has a halo!' one of my friends exclaimed!

'I do not! Let me see!' I chided, knowing full well there was a possibility it might be true due to my energy work.

'my other friend, the one with the camera, said, look!' and pointed to the picture on the screen.

There is was, bright pink and white, a circle about one to two feet outside the perimeter of my head. It was only on me, not on anyone else. There was no shadow from that light, either.

I have a halo. And I never would have experienced it or known, except for that picture.

I didn't say a thing. Not to my friends. They call me by my first name, not **Reiki Doc**. They have no clue that I am **Reiki Doc**. None whatsoever.

Let me tell you something. Those digital cameras pick up a lot of things. I have seen them on images I took at night in New Orleans. I have seen them on the Facebook page of a friend, at her grandmother's house, she posted for all to see.

They are blobs of light. The proper term for them is Orbs. They are spirits. Possibly angels. Or loved ones coming back. On film, they look like blobs anywhere from a few inches to about a foot in diameter. They float up anywhere from the head to above it.

So watch your films taken carefully. The next one with the halo might be YOU!

Keep up the strong work coming awake and full consciousness.


Reiki Doc