Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dancing Hippos

Spirit is answering back...about the things that happened about Facebook at work.

Yesterday, I left you with the story about the hippo, the elephant, the rabbit. And I felt like a big fat hippo that can't have any fun.

My son brought home a picture of a classmate who was a dancing hippo in a production of 'Madagascar'. There were two beautiful boys in hippo costumes, singing and dancing, that his classmate had brought for sharing day and let my son take home.

It gave me hope. I took that picture and looked for a frame. I couldn't find one. And then I saw my elephants. They are in a circle, trunks up, a trio of them, and they hold a crystal ball but I never bought the crystal ball. Now they are holding the picture. Dancing hippos AND elephants!

Yesterday, one of my coworkers gave me a big hug. Three of us, me who posted, and two who commented, are in the same situation at work. We are all excellent workers. And they are painting us up as 'cyberbullies'. Great. 

No more Facebook is a hidden blessing. I can be more present where I am. My sister says many people are coming off it now. 

Metaphysically, I am plugged in, raising my vibration more, acknowledging the chaos, and confident that the Light will win, no matter what happens to me. 

The biggest blessing was that our Family Contract I had posted on the kitchen door fell on the floor. I noticed it. (the tape had worn out). 'In this family we do 'I'm sorry'. In this family we do second chances.' I felt I needed to see that right then.

What I am working on now is putting a stop to the worry thoughts that kind of want to keep going on and on. I get to apply Divine Peace to myself, pluck those thoughts out of my mind, and trust God.

Everything happens for the best.


Reiki Doc