Monday, March 26, 2012

The Way Earth Has Been Made

I am an active learner. I am always reading something about the metaphysical. It interests me.
On my reading list right now, are several books. Some of the topics are starting to coalesce...

The saints. I have a book I borrowed from church. I have one month to read it. I am starting to think that the saints are not three-dimensional people. They either used their faith to ascend, or through  suffering they simply remembered who they were, higher-dimensional souls incarnate to help others' souls.

They devoted their lives to building organizations to help the poor, help educate the masses, and to build the faith of others. The common story is a beautiful, rich, and headstrong child lost their parent at an early age, had a burning desire to enter the religious life, was not initially allowed to do so, had a lot of petitioning to do, and then got their way. They would suffer great indignities and hardship without complaint. And when they died, their bodies did not decay (are 'incorrupt'). Proof of Sainthood is by exhumation and discovering this fact.

The vibration of these individuals was quite high. They displayed multiple psychic gifts--premonition, visions, intuition of the heart/intent of another (giving them the right words to say), even in some instances, bi-location (the ability to be in two places at once). As a psychic development insider, this sounds like a very advanced adept.

Another reading was the manifest of the Essenes. They were a secret society based on Enoch's discoveries. Outside the church.

There were many secret societies. And one of them, I knew nothing about, I researched last night. The Masons (The Builder's, I will call them). They have very advanced symbolism built in to their practice, using simple tools and images to mean a whole lot more about creation. One of them is the skull and crossbones.

The skull and key is a secret society out of the Ivy League. It is still going on today. Less is known about this organization. What I know is from a book called Area 51. The founder of M.I.T. who has a building named after him, was the head of the C.I.A.'s secret espionage development programs. They were outside the budget, under very innocent sounding bureau names. And they dealt with things from this world and beyond. Reverse engineering from extraterrestrial vehicles. And also the rumor that the bodies found in Roswell were the surgical 'studies' of a very twisted former doctor of the Third Reich.

What I took away from that book, which is a very thick book, is that the informer to the author insinuated that there was 99% more for that author to know. Although the secrets were many that were out, what was not disclosed was far more vast.

Putting all this together is the Glastonbury Tor. There was a HUGE knock on the wall when I read about it briefly last night. (These knocks are ways for spirit to communicate to us in the living. Knocks and creaks in the house, and pendulum divination, as well as direct telepathy.) It is important. I don't understand why, exactly, but it is. It is said that Arthur is buried there. And the gates to Avalon exist there also.

Lastly, I bring up Onward, the book by the head of Starbucks. When he came back to be in charge, after voluntarily passing the CEO to someone who was not right in running the company, all the negotiations were from within. There were weeks and months of  maneuvering to try to get things right for him to come back. The not-so-good CEO was the last to be told of his ousting. He was told on a Sunday morning at his home about the announcement on Monday.

So just because you don't see anything or know much about Ascension, chances are, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, where the secret societies are 'duking it out' to establish control, and once this settles, we are going to learn a lot of secrets. Like, that 99% related to in the book Area 51. These secret societies know a whole lot more about our life as we know it than they let on. I do not know myself, but I have a high index of suspicion to where the knowledge it. I await like you. Hang on for the ride! It's going to be bumpy but terrific like a roller coaster when we learn all the facts!


Reiki Doc