Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Changes That Are Happening to Your Body

Your body is an energetic system of light. What you see in the physical form is only half of the picture.
Everything happens from the vibration.

For example, when my friend, a prominent Trauma and Burn Surgeon passed unexpectedly, she found me. Right away. Had lots of questions along the gist of, 'why am I not there and am instead here?' and pointed to her former body.

'You lost your energetic system. You need it to live. There is no Life as we know it without it. I showed her an image of the chakras in my mind.' It was new to her, but she was brilliant, and understood the point right away, saying, 'Oh.'

(Her advice to me? 'Have more fun.')

Your body has a Higher Self. The Higher Power concept is not far from the truth. It is your Higher Consciousness. It is connected to you, but you are not aware of it. Many people who do automatic writing are in touch with their Higher Consciousness.

Everything comes from Source. That is why we are the same, are One. We are all a part of a great big energy called Source. That energy comes to us in the form of Life Energy. We each have our own particular Vibration. There is a Personality Vibration, and on top of that is a Life Force/Vibration that we choose to inhabit. They are like superimposed waves.

This energy comes through somehow into the Chakra System. In death everything stops Chakra-wise. It goes black/quiet.

Chakras are what makes the body go. The Soul if you will, is a name for this consciousness/entity that is us.

Our Mind determines the relative balance of our chakra system. That, and the presence of parasitic Life Forms such as Negative Entities and Dark Entities and Implants (see Margaret McCormick's work on this).

Anyhow, those of us on the Ascension Track are having our Energy adjusted. Sometimes in the past two weeks I have had the overwhelming desire to rest. I fall asleep quickly, and at great depth. I wake up with no recall of dreams or anything that happened. I sleep so deeply, that when our son's father brought him home and they rang the doorbell, I didn't hear it. They had to call me on the phone.

If you are getting sleepiness and changes in your sleep, it is something to know and not a concern. It is your vibration being fine tuned by experts in the Other Realms. They are good at this, like doctors in our world.

Just go along with it. Try to keep your thoughts high vibration, and keep doing everything you can to maintain your new life energy.


Reiki Doc