Thursday, March 29, 2012

The No Blood Army

Yesterday I took care of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Jehovah's Witnesses are fascinating, medically. They do not accept blood. Well, each one is different. They have a form with boxes that are checked. One said, ' no blood products except: platelets, and plasma, and cell saver red blood cells' this basically was interpreted as not taking somebody else's red blood cells. Quite literal. The other had no form...and said no blood products whatsoever to me before the case.

Sometimes a parent will reject a child that is transfused intraoperatively. The courts decide for children, until they are eighteen and able to decide for themselves. Because of this we often change the tubing so it doesn't look like transfusion took place.

And even more fascinating is what the patients themselves will say after leaving the family and preacher in pre op holding and on the way back to the OR. They will accept but don't want anybody else to know, for they will be shunned.

The religion truly is a lifestyle. You don't celebrate Christmas or your birthday with presents for you. The only celebration is for Jesus. If you have a high powered career, you quit it. (But you accept governmental assistance). Many become gardeners in our area. You spend your free time knocking door to door trying to get new church members. And acceptance into the church takes effort and persistence, the passing of a test like a quiz, and knowing your family may reject you but you will always have a family in the church once you join.

What is this, on a spiritual level?

Yesterday I felt it, when I worked with them. It is the religion of the mind. It sounds so logical. It is the work of man's perception of Spirit, which is limited. It emerges out of the need to have parenting figure still in your life, both Jehovah and the church. Other churches might trigger this reaction of faith too. You are lulled into believing the religion by familiarity, repetition, and the desire to please. This reinforces the mental aspect of belief, which in turn affects the heart.

Is this Truth? Is it real? There are many weekend warriors of the faith. The LDS, the Protestants, the Catholics, the Jews, the Hindus, and the Muslim all share the same logic and mechanism of belief: what someone tells you is right. Someone else has figured out the answer, you accept it, and relax because your salvation is set. And then you try to get other people to 'buy it'! Yours is the ONLY TRUTH! The only faith that differs is Buddhism, that teaches you to go within, detach from all attachments, and follow your inner guidance. Wicca is somewhat like this too, with going into Alpha state for the casting of spells, and doing magic.

No religion truly has it all. And for the mystically inclined, there are not many places to go in day to day life on earth to help you experience and interpret your gift. The tradition of the Saints is what led me to take my experiences to a priest. I sought guidance and understanding, and hoped for a confessor who could act as a spiritual guide. Instead, I got sent from one parish to another, priests passing the buck, and the last sent me to a psychiatrist. But the psychiatrist said, "we don't talk about things like that".

I have been alone ever since. And if it wasn't for the psychic development classes a medium guided me to take, I would not understand the world of spirit enough to share it with you. I would still have helped souls cross over, instinctively I knew how to do that. But I would not be the capable worker and healer that I am now.

Reiki changes lives. Yours and those you heal. The anti-red-blood-cell patient got Karuna and the transition symbol, and deeksha. The no-blood-products got nothing. It would not go in. It was rejected, the Reiki. In those cases, you give it to their guardian angel instead. The patient was very quiet, almost dead energetically. The Life had been sucked away by the organized religion.

That is what they do. In the name of helping you they suck your time, creativity, spirituality, and money. Your heart center gets altered, and shut off. ( Bigotry wrapped in prayer is still bigotry, a church marquee said).

Open your Life. Connect in mind and body to Spirit. Think of your church as a gym to exercise your Spirit. You do the work. Not them. Exercise your higher self.

In truth, you can't take it with you, except for your spark of the Divine within.


Reiki Doc