Thursday, March 15, 2012

Old News...

What I am about to say is controversial. This is a disclaimer. If you are Christian, this is going to shake things up. Bear with me, and read on.

Part of Jesus' work was financial. Through his intervention, the groundwork for the banking systems of Europe began. The intent was to move from a feudal system to land ownership much like we see today.
I read this in a book that was channeled to an anonymous Buddhist writer. It had messages and descriptions of dying for each Saint and Mary Magdalen.

Incidentally, Jesus and Mary Magdalen were secretly married. They had one son, a boy, that they named Benjamin. Due to the circumstances of Jesus' life and death, Benjamin was sent to grow up in a land far away, and that is England. That is why the banks originated there. Because of Benjamin's work when he grew up.

The Essenes are a group that have been on Earth since the time of Enoch. They are a secret society that has had many important historical figures as members. The Essenes understand the working of the Earth, and of Life, and work in partnership with Spirit to protect the Earth and mankind.

The important writings about Jesus' healing methods were with the Essenes in Europe, but due to war, they were taken far away to Tibet. The very first Dalai Lama was an Essene.

Mikao Usui studied and taught himself many languages to find the secret of Jesus' ability to heal as recorded in the Bible. He went to America, then back to Japan, and taught himself sanskrit, and found the answers in Tibet. Usui brought Reiki to the modern world.

In my studies, and in my experience, I come across things. While I was looking up the Missionaries of Charity for an address to send a donation, on the Google list came up a former nun's complaint: they put all the donations in the bank. They did not spend it on themselves to make life better for the nuns. And not much on the people. Her concern was that there was a secret, and could not understand why she was writing thank you letters for large donations that could easily helped make their lives and that of the poor a little easier.

I suspect that the Missionaries of Charity were contributing to the St. Germaine Fund.

The St. Germaine Fund is the source of the Prosperity Funds that are going to be disbursed in the near future. An entire system, just as complex and well-thought out, is being negotiated and put in place before it hits the news. The St. Germain Fund and the Prosperity Fund will bring abundance and never-ending supply of Heaven to Earth. The financial debacle we are in now is going to be addressed, righted, and made so it could not come back.

The people who are behind the status quo are the same group of twelve people that rule the world that did back when my mother was a child in the Old Country and her father explained to her that they decided what wars would happen when. One of them is has her face on money and stamps in three continents. Another family sounds like an expensive butterscotch candy. They are fighting tooth and nail, and dragging their feet, to hang on to their eighty percent of the world's wealth. The more we think Prosperity, the more it will Manifest.  It is so close, I can taste it.

My sitter has been out of work for two years. She left her condo in my neighborhood and was almost without a place to live in July. She put her trust in God, and at the last minute found a place to live. This place has a school her kid has learned to thrive in. And it is very close to roads to help me on my way to work when I drop my child off. (We are both single mothers).

Yesterday, she gave up hope of ever buying a home. She has been renting. Her family is helping her, but the loan fell through even though they had an offer that had been accepted. She went to her prayer luncheon today. She is very Christian, the Pentecostal kind where there are prophets with the Holy Spirit that give Word over lunch to each member. Her message from the Holy Spirit she picked up was verified by the prophet that did not know her from Adam. That message is, 'Now is the Time' and 'Everything will be big changes in July'.

She is thinking that her lease will be up.

I am thinking it is going to be bigger than that. I think the funds are going to kick in. People will get their pride back, and have home ownership be possible again. Technology is coming that will eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Being slaves to our employment is going away. We will still work, but as a physician, the entire Health Care System is going to be superfluous several decades, if not sooner.

Shake it up.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

Have a cup of coffee.

I saw a UFO shaped like a cloud the other day. I looked at the cloud and said, in thought, 'You guys are not fooling ANYBODY with clouds like THAT!'

The response, telepathically, was, 'That's the point.'

We are fortunate to be alive in 2012.

If Jesus could set up the banking system--remember how mad he got at those money changers? If Jesus could set up the banking system, and if man could jack it up beyond repair as it is in our Global Economy, Jesus can set it back in justice.

Believe. And Namaste,

Reiki Doc