Friday, March 30, 2012

Uber Advanced Reiki

This is a light switch. It is from my grandmother's house. It is classic, functional, and decorative.

In MY house, all the light switches, except for one in the garage, are wide tilting switches. The kind that has two electrical outlets and a ground fault circuit interrupter incorporated within.

My son's room, and the dining room, have a circle that is plastic. You push it in to turn it on, and can twist the knob to permit any amount of light you want, from a little to a lot.

In some rooms, I have switches that are connected to a plug on another wall, so a light will turn on in the room when I flip it.

And the most advanced? It has a dimmer without a knob, ann electronic dimmer, that has little buttons. The light goes automatically through a range of intensity to turn on or off. It has taken me a while to figure it out, and I only know enough to get the lights on or off. I don't know any of the advanced capabilities it probably already has. It is beyond me.

Reiki is like a Light Switch. Once you learn it, you consciously turn it ON and then OFF. When I was learning, I would practice every night on my son, in addition to his bedtime story. I got good at it. He enjoyed it. And I could sense little events that happened on the playground, either small injuries or painful slights. And remedy them.

With my patients, I would take some time to go through the steps.

In some ways, I still do. Especially if I can tell the imbalance. There was one yesterday I for some reason didn't want to do Reiki to. But due to the severity of the disease, I did. Just enough to get the transition symbol in. This patient's energetic system was uncomfortable for me, once I got in it enough to provide Reiki. I couldn't understand why. I asked my guides. They said, 'Pull Out!' so I closed the Reiki off.

This patient, a highly respected professional, but not a healter, was an illuminati. Not the big one, but a 'minion' of sorts. Bats for the 'not-so-Light'. I immediately understood. I had felt the fate of all the souls this one had affected in this patient's energetic system. And I thought, whoa! I felt compassion. In another lifetime, I may have played that kind of role in Duality and Life. So much to learn, this one. So far to go. A lot of adjustments and reparation are going to take place. 

The light switches' technology parallels Reiki. Reiki one equals grandma's light switch. The twist dimmer is maybe Reiki two or Reiki Three. There are some nice features. Karuna gets you to the fancy light switch. You don't always understand it, but if you work with it enough it makes sense enough to get the job done!

Now, at night, when I read bedtime story, I give Reiki at the same time. I don't need to know all the little lumps and bumps he's taken on throughout the day. All I need to know is that Reiki can fix them. He falls asleep peaceful the same way.

'Pray without ceasing' the apostle Paul once wrote. This is happening to me with Reiki. It is always 'ON', just sometimes more than others. The intuition. The sensing. The intent to heal. I add traditional Reiki on top of it when necessary, for example, with a patient or a client. But the Reiki way of life changes you into a continuous source of Reiki. It affects you and everyone you know. Change the world--take a Reiki class today! You can't get it from a book or a video. The attunement won't stick. 

It's worth it!


Reiki Doc