Saturday, March 31, 2012

News about the News : )

The front page had a story about a heron that was rescued by a surfer. It had a hook and old fishing line entangling it, and it hung off a pier. It was a beautiful read, inspiring, and with hope. The surfer used his board to free it, and then let the bird ride in to shore on the nose. The rescued bird understood the surfer was trying to help it, and gave him trust.

Yesterday there was a story of a young whale that had been entangled by a line of crab pots and lobster pots. Specialists put tracers on it as it got dark, found it again in the morning, and set it free. 

The day before that, there was a story about a Medium, a specialist that talks with the dead. A reporter had a reading. It was accurate. Hauntingly accurate. The Medium says he is like a 'wifi scanner, and is able to transmit messages from beyond into language that is understandable here.' Yes, that is what it is like. I consider myself to be a radio dial...I can adjust to match just about any vibration that is out there (everyone has their own unique vibration, some higher, some lower, some altered by chemicals such as drugs and seems 'muddy'). Been that way all my was encouraging to hear of this article.

Last weekend, there was another front page article about a whale that took seven hours to free from gill net. In the gill net was a dead seal, three sharks, and dead crabs. 

And last week there was a question from a psychic to Dear Abby! (please see blog about that).

Where is the fear? Where is the doom and gloom of days past? Why is it the only one getting the news these days is the president, with his daring to be away 'from the pack'?

The answer is simple: The Galactic Federation of Light has their hand in it.

Fear is going away. Prosperity is coming in. Everyone will have enough. It is over.

The battle has been decided. The only question is when all the news will come out. Soon you shall be able to see it for yourselves, the news can be trusted. And in time, there will be continuous live coverage of the changes that are going to begin. Weeks, months, but in good time.

Heaven is going to help. We will have to fix the mess that we have made of this place. But we will have the assistance of far technically advanced beings to help us bring this place Light. Darkness is over. 

You will see.

P.S. About the mega lottery. You will not win if you focus on the dollar amount. The Universal Laws do not work like that. Imagine what you want, for example, a new car. Look forward to it. Imagine it every day. Smell the new car in your mind. Push all the little buttons and enjoy the features. Give thanks for it.

In doing so, you raise your vibration to allow yourself to have it.

The Universe can connect like this, to a happy vibration, and make the needed changes to get it to come to place. 

Then, and only then, it will come to you. The means to buy it will arrive just like when you order a pizza. In the time needed to make it and deliver it to you,  it will show up.

Because money is a symbol for the exchange of energy, it is not an end in itself. Only a means.

Do not focus on the means! Do not count on man to bring the lottery to you. Don't you think a lot of people are making a LOT more money behind the scenes that run the lottery establishment? Keep your dollars to yourself. And dream! It can't hurt. It's free. It's easy. And it brings results!!!

Meditate on this!


Reiki Doc