Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Things First

Time is speeding up.

There are new pressures everywhere. The news is really trying to pull your chain.

Work is also coming up with new restrictions. I have had to stop Facebook, come in early for an early case two hours before normal start time (and take care of my son safely first), and give a talk to a different department about the use of propofol. I also am not allowed to take my bag into the O.R. (all my reading and billing and extra pens).  

We are sleeping in our clothes to save time.

I have to keep it short here, as well, to make it on the new earlier, unpaid start time, at work. They are going to call you if you are not there by a certain time before the scheduled case start.

The cases are so hurried, I do not have time for Reiki. Except the one long one, that took four hours and delayed two cases when I got called early.

That one was cool because I got to read about the Essenes on my phone. I read forty-nine pages of text.

What do I think of all this?

Earth is changing. The energies are incredible. Mercury is in retrograde on top of it. And all I have on my mind is the end goal: ascension. It is going to happen. And until then it is going to be a roller coaster ride upon the energies. I am hanging on with everything I've got.

Time IS going faster. You are not imagining this. It is going to keep going faster still until BOOM! Time just stops. Everything will be in the NOW.

My sleep cycles have been radically disrupted. I am  a good sleeper. I finally fell asleep at one a.m. two nights in a row. And I wake up at four ten a.m. 

My food intake has been affected. Yesterday, due to the rush to get out of the house and start the case, I skipped breakfast. Usually the case takes an hour. It took longer. I wanted a graham cracker. I asked for crackers from a colleague who was supposed to relieve me. He gave me three packets of saltines. That was my breakfast. Six crackers. No coffee. 

If you notice things like this coming up in your life, you are not alone. We are under great pressure, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and psychically. 

Ground and shield. Go within. It is the only place that is safe. I play Sudoku in the paper. And bookworm on my screen. I made it to level 27. These things allow me to focus and relax and feel safe.

I also have  a 2012 Journal I bought from a metaphysical shop. You know, the gaps are the most telling.
I hardly ever write in it. But last night, I did. That helps, too.

So buy some pens. Slow things down. And when you can't, hang on as best you can. Know that with the Reiki, you are the Light. And when the end goal is clear, you can hang on with just about anything.


Reiki Doc