Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Nightmare

Last night I was having a nightmare. My son woke up. He was having one  too. I told him, 'we are okay. maybe it was something that we ate.' The only thing we ate was a Johnsonville Turkey Kielbasa and also Strawberry shortcake. He did not have any saurkraut or collard greens.

We are connected. Energetically. We can share thought. All of us. Not just my boy and me. That is why it is so exciting at a sporting event with the crowd. This phenomenon happens. 'Team Spirit' may be more than just that. It is one socially acceptable way we 'connect' energetically and accept it.

The whole thing about this Life is our ability to think something is true or not true. 

Furthermore, your core personality and life experience is set by age six. The rest of your life is spent trying to deal with your personality, and to find out for yourself if what you think is true, is actually true.

Unfortunately, in this Earth, if you Think it, It Is So. If you are looking for proof in  either direction, you will find it. Guaranteed.

I am working on my 'sore spot' and that is interpersonal relationships with the opposite sex. I had a talk with someone I am attracted to about peanut butter sandwiches. I was eating lunch, he sat next to me, and made himself one with stuff from the cafeteria. It took everything I had to make that conversation. For you see, my nightmares have affected my days and nights. I had Night Terrors growing up. And also PTSD. I am learning to trust at a level much younger than me. The scars on me, emotionally, would look like the scars on a burn patient that lock them into positions called 'contractures'. 

Anyhow,  let's say you experience a nightmare. If it is in your dreams, it could be something you ate, something you watched on a screen for entertainment, or trouble at work or home. I could be something psychic, metaphysical. That happens. I won't go into it. But Padre Pio used to wake up with wounds and scratches from 'fighting the Devil' at night.

If you have been in abusive relationships like I have, what do you do? What about a hostile workplace? They are not getting any friendlier with this economy? If you have financial troubles that are insurmountable, what do you do? If you are under psychic attack from another in your life, how do you respond?

Even if there is something awful in the news, like you hear every day--just because you hear it every day does not make it any less awful. If there were another 9/11, what do you do to protect  your vibration from this shock?

Here are some tips:
1) St. Michael The Archangel:
He exists. Only if you believe. You have options. The first is to ask him to 'cut the cords' between you and the problem. He can do it. He cuts the energetic cords so you can be free.

He can get rid of demons. Pray this: 
St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan,
and all the evil spirits,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls. Amen..
You don't have to be Catholic to say it. St. Michael is an energy that is out there for the Good.

You can also ask Him to be like a vacuum cleaner for your energetic system. You ask him to suck out all the bad/negative energies and entities out the top of your head. And then have him squeeze toothpaste like white light back into the hollow space left to protect you.

2. Black Tourmaline. 
This crystal is very protective. It is good for clearing. I held a big chunk of it last night before I went to sleep. The energies out there right now are very frenetic. I have work and coworker death conflict. The tourmaline absorbs all the negativity. Kind of resets everything energetically. If you are under extreme duress, wear a little black tourmaline jewelry. It helps.

3. Weed out your Thoughts as they Happen:
Don't let yourself think bad thoughts. Pluck them out as they happen. Constantly edit yourself. Byron Katie is a Godsend on this. If you find your thoughts are affecting you, check out her website or her work. 

What you think, IS. You want to get yourself to the point where you feel like 'you are on a roll' every day, and everything is happening in a good way.

4. Scream into a stone at the beach and throw it into the sea:
This is another way of clearing that is very effective. It probably works with all bodies of water.  Just be sure to throw the stone good and far in there, because anyone picking that stone up is going to get a lot of negative energy. The stone will need to clear itself in Nature first.

5. Reiki Reiki Reiki:

Energetic healing. Of any sort. Get it or give it. I am giving Reiki right and left in the Operating Room to my patients. I have been attuning one patient a day. That is a LOT of Reiki. And it helps.

Remember you have God in you. You have the Christ Consciousness. You may have it even if you do not believe in Christ himself. The Christ Consciousness is the perfect balance between male and female. It is the achievement of learning enough from this existence called Duality. You WAKE UP and SMELL THE COFFEE. : )))

And when you do, you have the ability to Manifest.

We will go into that more later.

Hold the Space. Ground and clear your energetic systems. Keep your hopes high. Smile. Learn the lessons and take it on the chin. Keep your pecker up (that's for the Brits). Everything will happen for the BEST. And you will have Light and Peace and Happiness when you do. The kind that nothing can shake--maybe just a wiggle or two--but that's it.

Love and Light and Heaven,

Reiki Doc