Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Sanctity of your Heart

When you are on the path to Ascension, at some point, your Sacred Heart wakes up. What is a Sacred Heart? And what does it feel like?

Traditionally, in the Catholic Faith, there are symbols of Jesus and Mary with their sacred heart visible on the chest. It looks like an ordinary heart, but it is pierced by swords and thorns. Emanating from the hearts, however, are rays of light like giant sunbeams off the sun.

To Catholics, this means that through suffering, the heart has so much love in it, it continues to love despite the terrible trials. And in some ways, this may be so. One of the saints I read about, said, 'It feels like my heart is aflame with love for Jesus, a fire that never exhausts itself.'

What does this mean to you?

Once your chakras are all opened and balanced, and you have mastered your ability to think (thoughts are things and have heavy influence on those around us and what events come to pass. Being able to be hopeful and helpful in all circumstances, and the mental savvy to 'pluck them out' as soon as negative thoughts cross the mind is mastering the ability to think), the heart center opens up.

There is a new site of consciousness. 'You know in your heart' and 'You're heart's desire' are common phrases that reference the hearts ability to do this. We cross this in our daily lives.

Now, put it on steroids.

Your heart becomes a way to make decisions. It has a mind all its own. And a wisdom that you never in a thousand years could match with the mind, logic, and dogmatic tradition. It is mind-blowing, the having-your-heart-center-open-up experience! But once you get used to it, it is pretty great. And great fun. It is kind of like having navigation system when you drive. A whole level of 'getting' there better than what you had before.

When that heart connects to another, it feels just like the Saint said, like an enormous jolt of electricity flowing from one heart to the next, and back. It is not of this world and strong. Almost uncomfortably strong.

There lies the dilemma of the Ascent: three dimensional people with traditional three dimensional hearts are going to get their circuits 'blown out' by all this powerful Love Energy when Gaia ascends.

That is why now is a special time. You have the opportunity to raise your vibrations just enough to make the cutoff, where your heart can accept this powerful energy of Light. If you do not wish to do so, and want to make another round or two or a thousand in the dense three dimensional existence, that is fine. You will at some point want to make the quantum jump up and out of 3 D. But right now, and only right now, in all the universe, are there guides and help to allow us to Ascend along with Gaia, all of us together, at the same time.

People are coming from all over the Universe to watch this. Extraterrestrial people. Ascended beings. They are on their way. Time travelers have been blocked from jumping to this time. Everyone who is on Earth is fortunate to have 'won the lottery' to see it take place, live.

That is the way it is. You do not have to decide just yet, exactly, But if you are interested in making the jump, start doing things to raise your vibration. That way you will not get 'blown out' by all the energy that is going to take place on Earth with Gaia and her transition.


Reiki Doc