Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Eyes of the Saints

"She was conceived without sin".

What does that imply? Well, to me, she was without the separation from God that most of us have. 

I am reading a book, 'Modern Saints--Their Lives and Faces, Book Two' by Ann Bull.

The stories are again, much the same. Early love of God. Wanting to serve Him above all else. Not being afraid of martyrdom, 'They can kill my body but I will not kill my soul.' For many, their visions were clear as day,  Saint Catherine Laboure kept her visions about the Miraculous Medal of Mary a secret, except to her confessor. But in later life, to a doubter, she said, "Sister, the sister who saw the Blessed Virgin saw her in flesh and bone, even as you and I see each other now."

What filled these souls with a burning desire to love God and their fellow man above al things? Often plagued by poor health, these individuals did not complain. They suffered for souls, gladly, for their joy was in helping others get to Heaven. They suffered persecution as children, such as Francisco, Lucia and Jacinta being put in jail. Why is this so?

They were of a higher dimension. Their ability to see was based on their vibratory rate. There may have been something in the DNA that was different. Or perhaps their soul purpose was such that they would see what others can't. For them, the presence of God was a normal fact of life, a consolation. It was real.

"I so like to tell Jesus that I love Him! Many times, when I say it to Him,  I seem to have a fire in my heart, but it doesn't burn me." said Jacina Marto. Her heart center was open. We can think with our hearts. They are our center of consciousness. Once someone Ascends, their Higher Self superimposes itself on the physical body. The heart center 'wakes up', 'comes alive' and feels like is it aflame with pure Love and Compassion. 

I think this is why the bodies of the Saints do not decompose after death. Jacinta passed away at the age of ten, in 1920. She was exhumed in 1933, and her body was incorrupt.  There are pages and pages of saints' pictures lying in repose, totally as in life, in glass coffins on display in the Church. My mother knew about it back in the old country, 'Saints don't decay'.

And the eyes. In all of these pictures from life, there is an intensity to the gaze. A knowing. A love, really. For God. 

I had a walkabout from the Church. I have been Catholic my whole life. In the Fall I stopped going. I stopped watching the Mass on T.V. I stopped making donations. It was the time and the commitment to the Church I needed a break from. Who are these people who say I can only pray through a priest? Why do I owe them money? It got to the point that my son, who was raised in the Church, said, 'we hardly ever go any more!'. For the first time in my adult life, I missed Christmas Mass. And Ash Wednesday services. I honestly made the decision to give up giving things up for Lent.

Yesterday I closed the loop. I came back aware to a Lenten Friday dinner function at the Church. My heart was open for these poor people who know nothing better than what has been spoon-fed to them by the church. They do not know Reiki. Although there is a nun who was an early Reiki pioneer and wrote a book on it, and I think there are other religious Reiki practitioners, the Church frowned on  it.
That makes sense, the Church frowning on independence on a spiritual plane. That makes sense.

I stepped back in to the chapel for the first time when we were walking about the old church before they built the new one. My love for the church came back. I had spent much of my life there. And seen many things while saying the Rosary. Good things. After all, I also knew a Visionary! In my brief meditation, I learned that as long as you don't think the Pope is infallible and follow the Church without conscience, it is one of the best places to go for organization on earth for God and fellow man. Where would angels go, if they were on Earth? Nature? And perhaps the Church? There aren't many places to be 'yourself' when you are of that higher dimension...

Amidst the fun and the service at the dinner, I was struck with compassion for my fellow Catholics: who is going to explain it to them when the changes strike? Who is going to help them adjust to the New? I had just seen two clouds that were 'not normal' with my son's teacher yesterday, while walking to the office. 'They look just like UFO's hovering and are colored like clouds!' she exclaimed. 'I hope they are UFO's' I shared. Then they disappeared. I saw one again in the car with my son. Round, like marshmallow Moon Pie treats on their sides in the classic UFO configuration.

It is coming. They are here. Jesus is here. On the planet. Since medical school, I have seen him after communion, during the meditation. He wears a white space suit, and would talk to me. About my life. I saw him sit at a console that looked highly technical. I have seen views from inside, looking at the ground below. But about eight weeks ago, They stopped. He wore his robes. And he was not in the same place. He is here. On the Earth. No one would believe it. But He is. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes in preparation for the New. And I am sure He is being a part of it.

And things are going to get better. They might be challenging before the better, kind of like how in a remodel you have to clear out the old before making the new. Know that you are loved, cared for, and guided. You would not be reading this unless your soul had a Divine Purpose. You would not have been led to this post otherwise.

Everything happens for the best. All is well. All is well. All is well. Namaste.

Reiki Doc