Tuesday, March 6, 2012

7 X 77


Today we are going to talk about something important for Lightworkers.

First, let me share with you a story told to me by my seven-year old boy, who read it yesterday in his SRA reading assignment.

"Once upon a time there was an island. On that island was a big fat elephant, and a big fat hippo. They loved to laugh and jump and make fun of everything. Little rabbit did not like being made fun of. One day, when they were sleeping, he tied their hands and feet together. When they woke up they were afraid and pulling and trying to get out. That's when little rabbit took a knife and cut the rope that tied them together. Then they both fell off the island. Fat elephant and fat hippo came back. But they never teased little rabbit again."

I knew that was Spirit talking to me through my son about the events that happened to me that day. I felt like a big fat elephant that got stuck by little rabbit. I asked, 'Now, do you think elephant and hippo ever wanted to play with little rabbit again?'. My son thought about it, and said, 'No, not really.'

Is there a winner in that story?

Let me explain the metaphysical part of what happened to me, and what happened in the story. The moral of the story, boys and girls, is---(imagine the sound of fingernails scraping across the chalkboard. screeeeeeeetch scraaaaaatch). That sound is horrible, isn't it? Makes it hard to think of anything else?

Guess what? You and all your light are like that sound to a person in the Dark. Anyone focused on the Negative now, negative thinking, low vibration, drinking, cursing, drugging, partying negative thinkers, are not going to hear a word you say. Even if you say nothing, they are going to sense your high vibration, and they are going to want to run.

They will try to get back at you. They will get other people involved. Your joy will annoy them so much that they will fight you any way they can. That is when you know it is time to walk away.

Do not try helping those people. Hold the space for them in Love and Light. Protect yourself. They are not going to understand any vibrations. They are not going to be reachable on any level. Because your frequency is too high for them.

Turn it around. We have covered how lower vibrational activities might feel uncomfortable for you. I don't like bars or sports or TV like I used to. But know that this double-edged sword shall make you uncomfortable for them. Disengage. Pull out. Stay the course, hold on to your vibration.

I had to unfriend and/or restrict everyone at work due to a misunderstanding about a posting on my Facebook page. I had to write a letter of apology and might not keep my job because of it. It is the SECOND misunderstanding of something I posted in two days. My friends at work all called me 'honey and dear' instead of my first name on a social outing. Because once I wrote I don't like patients calling me by my first name.

I don't have time for this. My intent is not to hurt anybody. So I walked away. I have had a funny feeling about Facebook ever since the IPO. I have had two close friends leave the website permanently. And another just took a good long break. 

Underneath it all, I felt it was my time to go. Someone else can do the work. I don't have to raise the vibration or carry their souls of my over five hundred friends any more. If you grew up on the same street with me, or are related by blood or marriage, you will be in my small group I will write to later. If you studied Reiki with me, I will keep you in. We went to school together? Acquaintances. Everyone else, no. I want to focus my energy on my life. It is a gift. And the only place to share will be here.

Chaos is happening. I had it at work. Stay above the destruction and disarray. It may be physical. It may be energetic. Stay grounded. Stay close to Nature. It will pass and what is going to arrive is going to blow that stuff away. Sometime between now and Christmas, things are going to get a whole lot better for all of us. For anyone who would track these words and take them in. The others, who are getting uncomfortable with the higher vibration, are going to get more so. Let them go. Hold the space. Save yourself.

Forgiveness. Seventy times seven. Or in my case, seven times seventy-seven. I have forgiven those who lashed out against my humor and my light. I gave a direct apology, face to face, to the person who was hurt by my statement. I reframe and give thanks for my freedom. I do not have to wish Happy Birthday to anyone online each day. I do not have to stay glued to a small screen on my phone. I have time for Love and Light and other things. My job is done with Facebook! I accepted full responsiblity and have taken back my personal power. Let freedom RING!


Reiki Doc