Friday, March 23, 2012

The Doctor as The Patient

This story is about the Reiki in a colleague. There is a technical discovery about Deeksha, as well.

My patient for robotic surgery was nervous. Had a lot to say in pre-op, about their anesthetic, and I listened. I saw my patient at ease and relax in my care. Just speaking, I had won trust and established a healing alliance.

This patient, as the surgeon shared before surgery, was a doctor. And a sibling had stage four cancer recently discovered. Since the patient was gene positive, they wanted all risk of cancer removed.

It struck me as odd that two siblings would have the same problem, in a metaphysical way.

In the OR, everything went smoothly. But as I did Deeksha, the BIS monitor beeper alarm went off. I wasn't touching the probe. It gave interference.

But as I worked and did the Reiki while my patient was asleep, I saw the past. The mutual shared past tormented by a common family member that was a predator in their youth.

I did what I could. Reiki. Deeksha. Karuna Reiki.

I went to check up on this patient today. Already out of the hospital. Had been eating regular diet after surgery. PONV problem? Avoided. I called at home to check. Only one extra dose of dilaudid early in the afternoon yesterday following surgery. No pain since.

Little does this patient know there was more to anesthesia than meets the eye. And it worked!


Reiki Doc