Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Remarkable Saint: Therese Neumann

Therese Neumann
Age 64

Here is a link to a remarkable saint:


You be the judge.

1) she developed the stigmata of our Lord. And bled. A lot. It was real blood, it was tested. She bled from the wounds on her hands, feet, heart, head, and eyes.
(medically speaking, trauma patients, once all clotting factor is used up, go into DIC, diffuse interstitial coagulopathy, and bleed out every wound, puncture hole, and mucous membrane. But they don't come back without a lot of transfusion, rapidly given, and luck.)

2) for forty years she only took the communion of our Lord. No food. No water.
(metaphysically speaking, advanced souls in higher dimension do not need to eat)

3) She went into trances and spoke aramaic, hebrew, and one more ancient language.

4) The Nazi's did not harm her, but did attack everywhere she lived and went, including her home. And the person she encouraged to protest the Nazi actions was killed.

5) She could recognize priests, even if they wore civilian clothing, and genuine relics.
(This makes sense if she is a higher-dimensional entity. She would recognize the vibrations and also have clair cognizance.)

This story is very thought-provoking indeed.

I think the lesson of the saints is two main things:

1) They believed in their faith, wanted to be Saints, and manifested a Saintly life. They were different enough to have raised their vibration enough to perhaps have ascended to a higher dimension on their own.

2) They raised the level of consciousness to a large extent to those around them. Calm, organized, cheerful, not complaining.  They knew something others didn't, and their vocation was to help others with the work of their lives.


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