Monday, April 2, 2012


What is Success in Life? I am going to ask some important questions to lead you to find some insight into the Spiritual Life.

The world says 'I wanna be a Billionaire...' so I can have the symbols of success. Is driving a Cadillac Escalade so your friends can say cool the epitome of being Successful? Aren't there often friends who are hangers on, and when the money is gone, they just act like they don't know you?

Who wins when you finally get that Escalade? The dealer. The Cadillac company. The state, both in sales tax, license, and registration. Sirius gets a new customer by giving you that free six month trial like a pusher gives you that first taste. The bank that finances your lease or loan makes a bundle too. The oil companies are going to sell you lots of gasoline. And even the car wash people are going to make cash because if you drive one of these, you are not going to wash itat the coin-operated self-serve car wash!

So for your ego boost, you in turn give a great big boost to the economy? Does that make sense?
Who is the bigger Success here, the one with the money in the bank or the one with the sweet ride? I don't know, you tell me. It is all about perception. I just ask the questions.

How about having a perfect Playboy centerfold body? Is that Success? You are a goddess, and everyone looks at you. The Successful men in their Escalades vie for the chance to take you to a Lakers game, and have you be seen sitting next to them. This, in turn, is their ultimate symbol of Success--you, the arm-candy trophy-wife. I know someone like that. Guess what? When you marry money, you earn every penny! Is there lasting pleasure in a relationship that is built on external appearances? If you can't take that kind of happiness more than ten years, how do you think it would hold up to the forever upon Heaven? I don't know. I only ask the questions.

Does your beautiful home permit you to live the life you want to have? Are you always fixing it up like a flipper? Are you planning your next remodel or redesign? What kind of world is there to learn and grow from when you are focused on your house? Where is Source? You may have pets and a nice yard. But except for your flowers pleasing the neighbors, how does your Spirit grow from these tasks?

For travel, there are unanticipated emergencies and delays. It is not always easy. There is a room for growth by adventure. Our flight home from Paris got cancelled and we had to scramble to get back in time for work last summer. Had to take another airline, land in a different country, and take a different flight from there back home. I never prayed so much as I did standing in line waiting for a chance to catch a flight. Even if you go to the right place to get your friends to say cool, don't you think something will turn up to get you out of your comfort zone? A sunburn can do it. I am still not sure if this is Success or not, but I will keep asking the questions.

How about amour, love, romance? The love that will last forever? Does it feel that way when you've had a couple kids down the road? Forever takes on a whole new meaning then, doesn't it? The relationship, for me, tends to take over my consciousness. I want to be together and domestic and bond to the exclusion of just about everything else. Love is my Drug. Guess what that makes me, the pursuer or the distancer in a couple? Do I ever get the satisfaction and peace I think this role in my life will give me? Don't I secretly want a relationship like Lucy and Ricky, or Gomez and Morticia? Does this kind of happiness exist? For some. But the happiest couple I know had a troubled son that died at a very early age. The lessons come in new forms in this type of Success, do they not? I don't know. I only ask the questions.

How about when you are at the restroom at the little league park? The little girl ahead of you is doing the pee-pee dance and runs to the open stall. Her mother goes to check and says, "no, not that's backed up." Another one goes out and they go I to the empty stall then the big one for handicapped opens up. You go in, and as you are relieving yourself you see a plunger in the stall with you. It looks back at you, with a energy of spirit. A lesson. Do you take the challenge? There is no one else in the restroom. No one will ever know. Do you go in the backed up toilet stall and fix it? You know how. Your choice in that situation you can take with you. It is for your growth and development. Am I the kind of person who helps others when I don't have to? For free? Only you know the answer to that question. And,any more that are like it.

It is outside the comfort zone where we reap the greatest rewards of the Spirit. Focusing on your idea of comfort takes the focus off the lessons that lead you to Spiritual Success.

Consider this.