Monday, April 16, 2012

Holo Holo: The Importance of Having Good Time

Holo is the Hawaiian word for 'to go out and have fun' or 'go outside'. Holo holo is 'to really go out and frolic'.

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and enjoy yourself. And by house, it could be literal, or it could be figurative. For example, if you go out of the house, and think of things you can do to cross off your 'to do' list, you are not able to relax and have fun.

Fun is important. First, it raises your vibration. You get more energy. You stop feeding negative or destructive thought patterns. You can 'reset' that part of your brain by changing your environment if only for a little while.

Second, the higher your vibration, the more open you are to Divine Help. The helping forces in the Universe are able to 'reach you' better. You may get a fresh idea. Or the time you 'step away' from your problems might help them 'move around' so they are easier to solve when you get back to them. Fun is like meditating to the Other Side. Your brain is relaxed so they can connect with your consciousness more.

Last, fun is something worth scheduling into your calendar. As time increases faster, it is going to be more difficult to get chunks of time for relaxation. You have to factor that in, and make time for it.

I am an expert in 'mini-fun breaks'. Spontaneous trips out to frozen yogurt. An afternoon at the water park. Spending an extra day at a theme park. And overnight camping weekend a couple of hours away. 
I am not so good, however, at planning vacation. I have to find someone willing to work for me, to be at the hospital instead of me. It takes negotiation, and also, loss of pay on my part. There is no paid time off when you are in business for yourself. But if you think about it, with the significant number of overnight and late night shifts in my line of work, time off is essential.

On my last vacation, it took me until Wednesday to truly relax. I had fun, but I was so wound up that the travel on the weekend, and adjusting to the new time zone/vacation routine was not enough to deeply relax me right away. Other places of work have eight weeks paid vacation. They know how hard it is to be vigilant all the time in our work. 

This time I am going to ask for help, from my Guiding Entities, in figuring out how to schedule time in for fun. Over the past year, I have had to give up moonlighting in the ICU for fun, psychic development classes, and my season tickets to performing arts events. There is just no time. I have conflict over the quality of parenting time available for my son. I can't see where to get the time 'back' in my schedule. I am going to ask for help in making the right choices so I can set the right amount of time factored in advance, for both of us to learn and grow by good times. Celebration is important.


Reiki Doc