Friday, April 13, 2012

Let Go

Today I had the pleasure of swimming in the pool at Waimea Falls. I was excited and happy to be at such a sacred place.

My mother could not climb the hill. The entire family paid extra to ride up the hill. There is a walk from the drop off point to the water. Mom went to the bridge. And sat. She never came close.

My niece, walked in but chose not to swim. She sat on a rock.

My boy fought it. He had to wear a life vest, and felt singled out. It took a lot of coaxing to get him to the water. "I feel stupid!" he complained. My sister, his Godmother, got to his eye level, and said, "missing out on a chance to swim here with your mom and cousins would be the only thing that would be really stupid." he listened, and walked to the water. He took a boogie board too. I smiled inwardly, as he didn't want either but truly needed both!

Once in, we went to the falls, swimming across the thirty foot deep pool of chilly water. That is when the magic began.

There was a face in the rock between the two sides of the falls, a mans face, broad nose, firm brow, thick lips. I felt the spirit of the falls. I clung to the rock, under the spray, sending I Love You to the rock. As I jumped, the rock spirit guided me, "Let Go".

Again and again I jumped with my son, my nephew, with boogie board, and without. The current was strong. I swam against it to come back.

The last time I leaped into the waterfall, totally at peace, I understood: let go, let the power of the water carry you, until you are able to go your way and swim to the shore again.

Let go. Let Spirit do its thing. There is a time for it.

I didn't want to leave Spirit of water. He said "we are always with you". He also said, "Kamehameha's can't touch this." it's true. The vibration of the land, the energy, is vibrating at a higher rate. Man with warring ways, and manufacturing, and the world can't grasp the significance of what is there in plain sight in front of them.

The Water Spirits were delighted to have me. They said they "wait all week for one like you", " sometimes longer."

At the shore, I shared with my son the face I could see in the rock. He noticed it too, and saw even more on the overhang rocks to the left. He saw them all. Everything is alive. Look around you for your local Earth Spirits today.


Reiki Doc


Reiki Doc